Weekly News Brief on China Education Industry

Weekly News Brief on China Education Industry

Updated on 12/22/2021

Here is the weekly recap of China education news. Sources are right after the texts.

Educational Policy

Education Apps Provide "Photo Search Questions" Functions Are Temporarily Offline

The general office of the Ministry of Education recently issued a notice to put forward clear requirements for strengthening education app management and promoting the connection with the "double reduction" policy. The notice proposes that the homework app that provides and disseminates "photo search questions" and other bad learning methods that lazy students' thinking ability and affect students' independent thinking will be temporarily offline. The record can be restored only after the rectification is in place and reviewed by the provincial education administrative department. If it fails to pass the review, the record shall be revoked.

The notice also makes it clear that the pre-school online training app filing application will not be accepted, filed apps will be revoked. The education app platform will no longer accept complaints related to "double reduction", the relevant policies will be mainly explained by the supervision department of after-school training.

(Source: People's Daily)

China to Expand Public-benefit Preschool Education

China will expand children's access to public-interest preschool education, according to an action plan to boost preschool education before the year 2025. According to the action plan released by the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments, the gross preschool enrollment rate will be over 90 percent by 2025, the coverage rate of government-funded kindergartens will exceed 85 percent, and the proportion of children in public kindergartens will hit 50 percent.

The action plan also requires to promote educational equity, increase the supply of public-benefit resources, fully consider the change of newly-born population and urbanization development trend, calculate the admission demand year by year, complete the layout plan of public-benefit kindergartens, and adjust the plan in every three years.

(Source: The Paper)

Industry Insights

Two International Schools in Shenzhen Announced the Suspension of Enrollment and Operation

Affected by the regulations, the procedure for examination and approval of international schools in compulsory education around the country has been tightened, the establishment of new private compulsory education schools will not be approved. The Bay Academy and Shenzhen Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy have already announced the suspension of enrollment and operation.

On December 7, Shenzhen Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy announced that it would stop enrollment of Grade 1 to 9. The school was originally scheduled to start next year. The Bay Academy stated in an email that since the school could not obtain the running permits of the newly established private compulsory education school and the branch school of existing private schools, the school would stop running in July 2022.

(Source: Caixin)

Maple Leaf Education Group Terminated Compulsory Education

On December 14, Maple Leaf Education, a private education group, released its annual performance report as of August 31, 2021. Maple Leaf Education classified the business of compulsory education schools and non-profit kindergartens as "terminated business" in the report, with a loss of 2.452 billion yuan during the year.

According to the report, Maple Leaf Education will adjust its strategy in the future, focusing on the development of high schools and overseas schools that are not affected by the regulations. At the same time, it plans to provide professional catering services for universities, boarding schools, institutions and enterprises, and offer them with school uniforms and business suits as well.

(Source: 21st Century Business Herald)

Global News

2021 Global Education Monitoring Report Focused on Private Education

UNESCO recently published the 2021 Global Education Monitoring Report, calling for reflection on the proliferation of private schools and private educational institutions around the world. According to the report, from 1990 to 2018, the proportion of students in private institutions increased from 23% to 42% in preschool education, from 9% to 18% in primary education and from 19% to 26% in secondary education.

Due to high cost of private schools and weak supervision of goverments, the phenomenon of educational inequity is increasing. The report supports for drastic actions taken in countries where private eucation is out of control, and risks the quality and equity of education.

(Source: Caixin)

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