How to Use WeCom to Apply for a Job through TTJ?

How to Use WeCom to Apply for a Job through TTJ?

Since 2023, TopTutorJob starts to use WeCom in daily works to communicate with all candidates and school clients, in order to better archive the services and protect the privacy. As a WeChat user, some candidates may not be familiar with WeCom yet. In this article, we are going to provide a brief guide on WeCom, so that you can have a smooth conversation with our recruiters in the future.

Difference between WeChat and WeCom

You've probably never heard of Wecom before, but you are probably familiar with its former name -Wechat work. Similar as Wechat, Wecom is a messaging platform for enterprise that is also created by Tencent Inc, a technology company based in Shenzhen, China. Tencent recently revealed that over 2.5 million organizations and 60 million users have now adopted WeCom. What’s more, over 80% of the top 500 organizations in China and 81% of the top 100 retail organizations have come on board.

Wechat Work was originally a mini program in Wechat used by businesses for internal management. As users increased, it separated from Wechat into its own app. Nowadays, WeCom has been increasingly adopted by virtue of its powerful functions and the ability to integrate personal WeChat and enterprise applications.

WeCom is integrated with WeChat in terms of chat, Mini Programs and WeChat Pay, enabling enterprises to provide high-quality customer services to external parties. Staff are able to use WeCom to communicate with and serve its customers who are using WeChat in a consistent and professional manner.

Basic Function

How to distinguish WeCom account from TopTutorJob?

All WeCom account is displayed as [name] @ [Company]. If you received notification on your WeChat from an account named "TTJ-XXX @ 敢为互联", that means you are contacting with one of the team members from TopTutorJob.

How to add WeCom account on WeChat?

Scan QR code

The easiest way to add a WeCom account is by scanning the QR code. You can simply add WeCom account by scanning the QR code shared by the WeCom user.

Search Mobile

Some of you may know about the mobile phone numbers of WeCom users, so that you can add WeCom account by by searching their mobile phone numbers in the upper right corner of Contacts.

How to accept friend request from WeCom user on WeChat?

The way to accept friend request is same. If you require friend request on your WeChat, there will be a notification on WeChat when WeCom user sends you a friend request, then you can navigate to Contacts > New Friends, to view the pending requests.

How to find WeCom contacts on WeChat?

You can navigate to Contacts > WeCom Contacts, to view all WeCom users you've added.

How to Communicate through WeCom at Different Service Stages?

Search for positions

If you come across the contact information of TTJ's recruiter from our Moments, Weekly Job Alerts, or email campaigns, you can directly scan the QR code displayed on the page to add our recruiters for more position details.


As a WeChat user, you are able to join a meeting that is initiated from WeCom. Therefore, you are able to join the initial interview with TTJ recruiters, as well as the second round interview with school HR.


Once you want to recommend TTJ recruiters to your friends, you can simply open the chat with your friends, then navigate to Contact Card > WeCom Contacts, and send the WeCom business card to your friends.

TopTutorJob Official Contact Information

In spite of WeCom, all TTJ team members only contact candidates school HRs through the approaches listed below, other ways are considered fake and unprotected:

Tel: +86 021-80270574

Email: [email protected]