Shanghai Centralized Quarantine Hotel Master List 2021

Shanghai Centralized Quarantine Hotel Master List 2021

All international travellers coming to China (regardless of nationality) are required to undergo centralized quarantine. The duration of this centralized quarantine policy may vary between different provinces, but in general, 14-day centralized isolation is mandatory.

Meanwhile, for domestic travellers from medium and high-risk areas, centralized quarantine is required in most provinces and cities in China.

Shanghai Latest Quarantine Policy

For international travellers, they are required to undergo 14-day centralized quarantine plus 7-day community health monitoring.

For domestic travellers from medium and high-risk areas, they must report to the communities within 12 hours after arrival, and 14-day centralized quarantine is required.

Shanghai Centralized Quarantine Hotel Master List

Hotel NameDistrictRoom+Food Rate (per day)DeliveryAC
City Bianjie HotelBaoshan200 + 50No food delivery; Only daily necessities allowedNot allowed, but fan provided
Kangtai HotelBaoshan200 + 70Online delivery is ok, family and friends allowed to bring thingsAllowed
Jinjiang Star HotelBaoshan300Food delivery with limitsAllowed
Hanting HotelBaoshan300Online shopping allowedAllowed
Quanji HotelChangning200 + 70Yes, once a day at nightAllowed
Jiahong HotelChangning370Allowed
Yishang HotelChangning270Packaged/sealed food allowed, family/friend allowed to bring thingsAllowed
Mercure HotelChangningNot allowedAllowed
Heyi HotelChangning410YesAllowed
Binjiang Holiday CenterChongming280 + 100Allowed
Nanqiao Grassland Boli HotelFengxian450Food delivery with limitsAllowed
IU HotelFengxian210 + 100Allowed
Tianhong International HotelHongkou280 + 60No Food delivery, except for milk/water/fruits like apple/pears, online shopping okAllowed
Junting HotelHongkou300 + 60Allowed
Quanji HotelHuangpu400 (Only breakfast incl)Yes to all (waimai, kuaidi, personal) - delivered by robot to roomAllowed
Home InnHuangpu250 + 50Waimai, kuaidi, personal allowedAllowed
SSAWHuangpu400 + 25 (2 meals)All deliveries allowedAllowed
Xincheng Holiday InnJiading300 + 50YesNot Allowed
Quanji HotelJiading250No food deliveryAllowed
Vienna international HotelJiading200 + 50No food delivery, fruits not ok, online shopping okAllowed
Jiangqiao Grassland Boli HotelJiading250 + 50Once a week (only milk/water/packaged items/daily needs)Not Allowed
Shanghai HotelJingan400 + 100All deliveries + family drop offAllowed
Holiday InnJingan300 + 100 Upgraded room: 700 rmbYes, all allowedAllowed
Libo HotelJingan300 + 100Food delivery not allowed, fruits and online ordering allowedAllowed
Rujia HotelJingan250 + 50No hot food, fruits okAllowed
Lingdianyi HotelJingan350 + 100Allowed, 3 times a dayAllowed
Anmu HotelJinshan260 + 60No food, online shopping allowedNot Allowed
Jinjiang Star HotelMinhang300 + 100YesAllowed
Hanting HotelMinhang200 + 60Yes, with specific timesAllowed
Jinjiang Star HotelMinhang300 + 100 (can refuse hotel food and self orderYes on all typesAllowed
White Yulan. HotelMinhang200 + 50YesAllowed
Licheng Yiting HotelMinhang400 + 100 (2 meals)Allowed
Quanji HotelMinhang290Food delivery with limitsNot Allowed
Jiusi HotelMinhang250 + 70Waimai no, kuaidi/personal deliveries yesAllowed
Atour HotelMinhang320 + 80 or 120Fruit with skin, Packaged food ok, online shopping okAllowed
Grace Select HotelMinhang400 + 80 (3 meals)Packaged food and waterAllowed
Haike Yingzhou HotelMinhang280 (3 meals)Waimai no, some fruits ok, kuaidi/personal delivery okAllowed
Shuguangwei HotelNon-SH350 + 50YesNot Allowed
Xueyuan HotelNon-SH400 + 70Food delivery ok, online shopping with limitsAllowed
Delightel HotelNon-SH340 + 80Waimai no, kuaidi yes Hotel has restaurant menuAllowed
Sanjiagang Grassland Boli HotelPudong300 + 50No food delivery, online shopping ok but will be checkedAllowed
Dongjiang Mingcheng HotelPudong200 + 50No food deliveryNot Allowed
Venus International HotelPudong200 + 50No Takeaway/Waimai Package Deliveries on M/W/FAllowed
Ruyi Zhihui HotelPudong250Yes but only packaged foodAllowed
Wanhe Haomei Art HotelPudong300 + 50No food, online shopping allowedAllowed
Lifeng HotelPudong200Food delivery with limitsAllowed
Shanghai Airliner Travel HotelPudong200 + 50Food delivery with 21+ days of shelf lifeAllowed
Chuansha Novotel HotelPudong300 + 50Allowed
Grassland Holiday HotelPudong300 + 50Yes on food if packaged, fruits are ok, online shopping allowedAllowed
Royal Century HotelPudong450 (CN Food) 800 (Western Food)Fruit/Vacuum packed food, online shopping with limitsAllowed
Orange Crystal HotelPudong250All allowedAllowed
Novotel ChuanshaPudong350 + 100Food no, personal delivery yesAllowed
Jinjiang Star HotelPutuo280Only daily necessities, no electronicsAllowed
Holiday InnPutuo350Allowed
Vienna HotelPutuo260 + 80No food delivery, uncut fruit is ok, online shopping is okNot Allowed
Rujia HotelPutuo280+80Not allowedAllowed
Kaibo Farmstead HotelQingpu200 + 80Food delivery ok as long as not liquids, online shopping allowedAllowed
Holiday InnQingpu200 + 120No food deliveryNot Allowed
Hilton Garden HotelQingpu380 + 100No food allowedAllowed
Mercure Hongqiao JiutingSongjiang400 + 80Waimai, Groceries, Kuaidi allowedAllowed
Sijing Rencai ApartmentSongjiang200 + 60YesAllowed
Meiju HotelSongjiang400 + 65YesAllowed
Jinjiang Star HotelSongjiang200 + 40Food delivery ok, online shopping with limitsAllowed
Huanle Valley Jiatu HotelSongjiang400 + 100Allowed
Dazhong Conference CenterSongjiang400 + 90Food delivery ok, online shopping with limitsNot Allowed
Qishan HotelSongjiang300 + 90No food delivery, fruits ok, online shopping okAllowed
Jianguo HotelXuhui400 + 100Food must be packaged (no hot meals or cut veggies), Kuaidi yes personal delivery yesAllowed
Joya HotelXuhui400 + 100Yes, 3 times a day (8am, 12pm, 6pm)Allowed
Hanting HotelXuhui200 + 100Allowed
Vienna HotelXuhui300 + 80Allowed
Guangda International HotelXuhui400 + 100No food delivery allowed, personal packages allowedAllowed
Nanqiao Grassland Boli HotelXuhui350 + 100Food delivery with limitsAllowed
Nanzhan Letai HotelXuhui400 + 100Allowed
Xingrong Wyndham HotelYangpu500Food ordering is ok limitations (no sodas, no aluminum canned drinks, food must be packaged with expiration date) delivered once a day to room at 7pm, online shopping okAllowed
Jinjiang Star HotelYangpu300Yes, delivered at meal timesAllowed
Lantian HotelYangpu400 + 100Waimai no, kuaidi/personal deliveries yesAllowed

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the hotel? What if I don't live in Shanghai?

No. Hotels are assigned based on availability. It is possible that quarantine officers at the border let you choose the pricing of the hotel, but it is mandatory that you go to your designated district of residence. If you are not living in Shanghai, then quarantine officers will randomly allocate a hotel for you.

Can couples share hotel rooms?

It is not guaranteed that couples can share hotel rooms. It is possible for you to ask the front desk if this option is available when you check-in.

How is daily temperature checked?/ food delivered?

The hotel will provide a disinfected thermometer for you to check your temperature twice a day at assigned times. You do not need to bring your own or purchase one.

In terms of food, it is usually provided by the hotel, and it depends on the hotel whether you can order food delivery or not. If it's allowed, your food will be delivered at set times during the day.

If you have any concerns regarding the above policy or teaching in China, please sign in to leave your comments below.