Weekly News Brief on China Education Industry

Weekly News Brief on China Education Industry

China Education Weekly News Briefs 09/03/2021

Starting from this week, we are going to share you some current news that are related to the teaching industry in China, hope you can get the latest information you need.

"Double Reduction Policy" Special Column

>>Shanghai: Detailed Rules" Double Reduction" Was Announced

Starting from September 1, all subject tutoring on weekends, national holidays, winter and summer vacations in Shanghai will be suspended. Subject tutoring for students in Grade 1 to 12 can only be conducted from Monday to Friday, while that for preschool children is not allowed at any time. 

From now on, training centers in Shanghai will be annually evaluated and ranked. Those fail to reach the standard will not be renewed. In the meantime, Shanghai will implement a supervision system on the pricing and capital of training centers.

(Source: China Securities Journal)

>>Beijing: Implement Job Transfer of Training Center Employees

The press conference held on August 17 regarding the implementation of "Double Reduction" policy in Beijing pointed out that, since several training center employees in Beijing are facing job transferring now, the Public Employment Services have prepared relevant positions for them.

In the meantime, Beijing is going to conduct a 3-to-6-month special service for talents in educational training industry, in order to specify their career paths, sort out relevant positions, thus enhance the efficiency of job transfer. 

(Source: China Youth Daily)

>>Zhejiang: "Double Reduction" Implementation Plan Was Released

On August 31, Zhejiang released the "double reduction" policy implementation plan. Starting from this fall semester, the quality of after-school tutoring in all primary and secondary schools in Zhejiang will be completely improved. After-school care, evening study for middle school students, free online learning and summer holiday hosting will be fully implemented.

The plan also gives specific measures to reduce the amount of homework for students. Primary school students are able to finish all homework in schools, while middle school students leave few homework to finish at home. The quality of homework should also be improved.

(Source: Ningbo Release)

>>Primary and Secondary Schools Significantly Reduce Exams

On August 30, the Ministry of Education issued a notice on strengthening the examination management of compulsory education schools. The notice proposed that examinations should not be conducted in the first and second grades of primary schools, major changes will take place in teaching and evaluation methods of the lower grades. The number of examinations in other grades has also been greatly reduced, weekly, monthly and unit examinations are completely prohibited. The notice will be implemented in the the "double reduction" pilot area first.

The new rules of the exam has sparked a heated debate among parents. Many of them are worried that they will not be able to track the learning progress of their children. If their kids are not able to keep up with the progress of curriculum, they may face greater pressure in the future exams.

(Source: Caixin)

>>"Giant Education" Announced Its Bankruptcy Recently

On August 31, "Giant Education" issued a notice on its official WeChat account. As it experienced operation difficulty, "Giant Education' will suspend its teaching services from this autumn. The remaining classes will be undertaken by Gao Si education and other institutions. 

"Elite Education", the shareholder of "Giant Education" fell into crisis at the same time. As Elite Education is ready to delist, it can no longer afford the operating costs of Giant Education. Under the mediation of China Private Education Association and other parties, Giant Education announced its exit after reaching a undertaking plan with the above institutions.

(Source: Caixin)

>>Jiangsu: Pricing of After-school Tutoring Was Clarified

The Standard issued by the Education Department of Jiangsu Province on August 25 has clarified the pricing of after-class tutorial for primary and secondary schools, that is 300 yuan per semester for each student, as well as the reasonable range of remuneration for teachers, that is at least 60 yuan per class period.

Starting this fall, a "5+2" mode will be introduced to all compulsory education schools in Jiangsu, that is, offering after-class tutoring for 5 days a week, and at least 2 hours a day. In addition to coach students in their school works, a variety of activities should be conducted to meet the diverse needs of students. 

(Source: The Xinhua News Agency)

Other Industry News

>>Beijing: Work Permits and Residence Permits Are Jointly Proceeded

Beijing actively pushes to jointly process work permit and residence permit for foreigners in China. The new process has already been applied to foreign high-level applicants, and gradually covers other foreign professionals.

In recent years, Beijing Overseas Scholars Center has committed to provide better and more convenient services for foreign talents. Through the new process, the processing time has cut down from 17 working days to 7 working days. 

(Source: Beijing Organization)

>>A-level Results Released, With Most Students Reach A Record High 

On August 10, Cambridge Assessment International Education released the results of AS and A-level exams for June 2021 to all global schools. As A-level exams continue to be graded by teachers this year, the number of students received A and A* grades reached a record high.

More than 44.8% of students received A or A* grades this year, increasing 6.3% compared to the same time last year, with 19.1% of students received A* grades. In mainland China, the number of candidates in the 2020-2021 academic year exceeded 120,000, increasing 27% compared to the same period in 2019.

(Source: Tencent news)

>>Data on the Development of National Education in 2020 Released

Recently, the Ministry of Education released the data on the development of national education in 2020. Although the pandemic causes a serious global environment in 2020, the report shows that education system actively promoted the reform and development of education, and achieved the main goals as planned.

Up to 2020, there were 537100 schools of all kinds at all levels in Chinawith an increase of 1.33% compared to the previous year; The total number of students and teachers were 289 million and 17.92 million respectively, with an increase of 2.39% and 3.52%. The report also shows classified statistics on different educational phases, such as preschool education, compulsory education, high school education, etc.

(Source:The Paper)

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