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Shanghai Singapore International School

Head of School

¥720K-1200K/Year Shanghai, China 1 position available Starting date in 2021-08-10

About The School

Well know institution with long history providing high quality IB Career related program. Learn more about this school

Job Description


Founded and invested by the Prime Group International. With the official approval from the Ministry of Education, PRC, Shanghai Singapore International School (SSIS) was officially opened on 3rd September 1996. SSIS provides a continuous K-12 academic journey to expatriate children from two to 18 years old in Shanghai.

Its' first campus was set up in 1996 with only 18 students and nine teachers. Now, the school has grown to a community with 1,400 students and 197 teachers.


SSIS's curriculum draws from world-recognised international programmes which include the Singapore Curriculum, IGCSE and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. These are weaved into a powerful bilingual education model – truly one-of-its-kind in China. SSIS focus on inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving in a rigorous learning environment. This prepares SSIS students for the challenges of the modern integrated world.

Leader and Authority
The Head of School takes charge of the management of all school matters for the entire school. He/She demonstrates his/her dedication to the profession by his/her exemplary behavior and contributes willingly and to the best of her ability her professional competence when and where required. He/She reports to the School Board of SSIS on the development and management of the schools.
The roles and responsibilities of the Head of School may be defined as follows: - Leadership Planning and Administration
- Strategic Planning and Administration
- Management of Core Leadership Team & Staff Members
- Management of Students
- Management of Resources

1. Leadership
As a leader, the Head of School:
a) Develops and defines a clear vision of the mission for SSIS and communicates it to the
School Community.
b) Sets the focus and direction for SSIS according to the School’s vision and mission, and in
alignment with SSIS Education Policies and values
c) Role-models commitment to values in the day-to-day activities and decision-making is
committed to quality in each task he undertakes.
d) Creates and promotes a learning environment for his staff and students.
e) Champions character development of students in line with the desired outcomes of
f) Leads the Core Leadership Team in the customization of the school’s instructional
program to meet students needs
g) Focuses on student learning and performance
h) Initiates, develops, drives and supports the implementation of school values and the
school instructional program.
i) Ensures that the school’s key processes and structures are periodically reviewed and
improved upon.

2. Strategic Planning and Administration
To ensure that the school is poised to achieve what it has set to accomplish, the Head of School:
a) Develops, monitors and reviews strategic plans and processes that best employ the expertise talents and resources in his school, with a view to reducing wastage of resources and student attrition.
b) Identifies strategic challenges and sets strategic directions from the school’s internal and
external scans.
c) Identifies goals and key performance indicators and sets targets.
d) Communicates the strategic plan and harnesses the support of the entire school
community towards achieving both efficiency and effectiveness in the employment and its
e) Identifies and works towards fulfilling the long and short-term goals as well as “stretch”
goals of the school.
f) Promotes and sustains the efficiency and effectiveness of the School by examining feedback, school wastage, use of resources and time, safety of the school, quality of service provided and received.

3.Management of Core Leadership Team and Staff Members
n managing the learning and development needs of his/her staff, the Head of School should use the competency-based performance management system (Staff Review and Evaluation System) that spells out the knowledge and skills requirements as well as professional characteristics of the different career tracks.
Apart from managing such needs, the Head of School also needs to motivate and inspire them to excel and give their best in striving towards creating an excellent school while looking into the well-being of his/her staff. In managing his/her staff, the Head of School:
a) Identifies, develops and optimizes the potential of his/her staff.
b) Works out a systematic process that identifies and address training needs of staff which
are in concert with goals of the school.
c) Reviews and evaluates effectiveness of training plans and implements them.
d) Engages and empowers staff in school improvement, thus establishing a deeper sense of shared ownership and involvement.
e) Encourages staff to hones their pedagogical skills.
f) Encourages communication and interaction links between management and staff in so
doing, assesses, identifies and promotes staff welfare needs.
g) Creates an environment that builds and supports the morale of staff.

4. Management of Resources
The Head of School manages resources effectively and efficiently in order to support its strategic planning and the operation of its processes. He/She oversees the maintenance of the school’s physical facilities with the support of the CLT members to provide a safe and secure environment conducive for learning and work. In managing the school resources, the Head of School:
a) Works towards an optimal use of time and resources.
b) Ensures the safety of his/her students and staff.
c) Provides and ensures optimal use of teaching-learning resources, including materials, equipment and technology to support school programmes so that they contributes to the overall school programme.
d) Use and monitors funds optimally to achieve school goals.
e) Has a system of collecting and managing data and information for planning and
f) Analyses and uses data and information to support key school processes and action
g) Establishes good relations with the School’s service providers to ensure that quality of
goods/services provided meet its requirements.
h) Forges partnerships with key stakeholders and selected external organizations (such as
industry partners, universities and other schools) to enhance the quality of education it provides.


  • English native speaker
  • MA/PhD. degrees in Education leadership preferred
  • Solid working experience related, 8 years above in HOS/Principal 
  • Taught in International schools​
  • Familiar with different teaching curriculum


  • A Competitive Salary paid in RMB plus re-signing incentives
  • Housing allowance (Included in the whole package)
  • A two-year contract (renewable by mutual agreement)
  • Annual flights to and from your point of origin
  • Tuition Fee waiver for two dependent children per teaching family
  • On-campus Accommodation (depending on vacancy) or Housing Allowance 10K
  • Moving Allowance
  • Accident / Medical Insurance
  • Dependent’s Subsidy Allowance
  • Paid Vacation
  • School Bus Service to and from school at designated pick-up points
  • Lunch during school days
  • Laptop Subsidy
  • Mobile Phone Allowance
  • Continuing Professional Development

Post date: 2021-07-06
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