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Metro Education

High School Teacher

¥20-30k/Month Shanghai, China 1 position available Starting date in 2018-06-26

About The School

Metro education(1997-) the leading institution of accounting and business education in China. Learn more about this school

Job Description

Metro Education was established in 1997 with its headquarter in Singapore. Metro Education’s vision is to be the leading institution of international education in the field of accounting and business in China. 

Job Responsibilities:

- High School teacher is directly accountable to the Principal Office for the following duties and responsibilities. 
- High school teachers are responsible to teach and advise students in full cooperation with other faculty members and administrators. The first objective of a teacher shall be to provide the student with quality education through professional competence, effective teaching, and wise counselling. 
- Teachers shall also stay up-to-date with professional trends in the teaching field and help facilitate the continual change that may be required to keep instruction current and relevant. 
- Students spend a third of their day at school, teachers are responsible to create an ideal environment for learning. 
- High school teachers are responsible for teaching and guiding the students through the troublesome teenage years.
- Teachers shall inform and update about students performance and wellbeing by liaising with parents, students, and fellow faculty.

In fulfilling the role of high school teacher, each teaching member shall be responsible for the following: 
- Develop students’ academic, mental, and physical wellbeing while guiding them with various life problems that they may encounter.
- Set learning programs, talking with parents and students, keeping records of grades and performance.
- Set activities and teaching programs designed to be conducive to the mental and emotional development of the youth.
- Organize class activities and programs
- Supervise the class on field trips and ensure the safety of students at all times.
- All assignments are made considering the best interests of the students and are based on required learning objectives set forth in academic standard.
- Conduct each class according to the approved course description and learning objectives on file in the Academic Office; any deviations from the approved objectives required approval and coordination with the Academic Dean.
- Utilize the approved textbook and/or other instructional materials for course assignments; coordinate any changes or additions to the approved textbooks (using appropriate forms and procedures and in advance of the published deadlines) through the Academic Office.
- Be fully prepared and on time for each assigned class, conducting each class for the length of time indicated in the syllabus and at the times specified in the class schedule.
- Maintain adequate course records and provide written explanation of the grading system, course requirements, and other class policies per the guidelines provided by the Academic Office to all students taught. 
- Submit (input) mid-term, and final grades by the required deadlines. 
- Be accountable for ensuring coverage or make-up of classes and other responsibilities in the event of authorized absence. 
- Maintain open communication style for the benefit of students to ask questions to clarify students’ progresses.
- Maintain and sustain the academic policies on high standards of behaviour among students. It is expected that each teaching member shall maintain the same high level of conduct, both personally and professionally, that is expected of students. 
- Maintain professional competence through continuous study, research, and awareness of new developments and more effective instructional methods in the specific instructional discipline. 
- Attend 
- The Academic Dean/Principal of opinions and/or recommendations relative to any inst faculty and departmental meetings. 
- Advise ructional or other policies or practices that might facilitate or improve the university’s instructional mission. 
- Participate in the annual commencement program.
- Be familiar with and abide by established procedures and policies of the academy.
Post date: 2018-04-27
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