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ISA International School Wuhan

Secondary Head of Pastoral

Negotiable Wuhan, Hubei, China 1 position available Starting date in 2022-08-01

About The School

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Job Description

ISA Wuhan is a member of the rapidly growing educational not-for-profit organization, ISA Education Group. Our campus will open in August 2022 and will be the largest educational project in central China with a RMB 1.6 billion (£180 million) investment. Located in the beautiful city of Wuhan, our campus is laid out on 28 acres of prime land beside the famous Yangtze River. The campus will comprise two separate K-12 schools, one being the International School for foreign personnel and the other the Foreign Language School. This will enhance a broad education enabling students not only to have a truly international educational experience but also to receive a rich Chinese language and culture education. The site will boast state-of-the-art facilities including an Olympic-sized swimming pool and two athletics tracks. The campus will also enjoy a multi-purpose sport building, outdoor pitches, tennis courts, a dedicated Performing and Visual Arts Centre, auditorium and lecture theatres. ISA prides itself in creating world-class accommodation facilities that will be used to full effect to ensure every boarder receives a meaningful holistic education. Students’ boarding facilities will be finished off to the highest standards. Teachers, if they choose, may stay in the apartments arranged by the school. 

We promote international and bilingual/foreign language education, personalized learning and the holistic development of each student. Our aim is to enable students to become compassionate and caring leaders, equipped with the skill-set to make a significant, lasting and positive impact in their community anywhere in the world. They will be able to face and overcome challenges of the future confidently through effective collaboration and creative thinking. The international school for foreign passport holders will be an IB world school. Our Kindergarten will complement the IB curriculum with Reggio Emilia inspired education. Through our balanced and well-rounded approach to education, our graduates will be admitted into the leading universities around the world and lead rewarding careers enjoying contented lives.

Wuhan has a rich culture of Chinese heritage and history. Its central location connects it effectively with the four corners of China, which lends itself well for travelling around this diverse and fascinating country. Wuhan is the common disembarkation point in the world-renowned ‘Three Gorges’ river cruise. Recently, this central city has developed a fine tradition for technological and industrial advancement (for example, with foreign automotive manufacturers committing vast resources to the area). The education sector has an enviable reputation for being one of the leading centres of academic excellence both in primary/secondary schools and universities. Consequently, Wuhan has often been compared to Chinese Tier 1 cities in terms of its innovation and ambitious plans to take the economy and infrastructure to the next level. Known as the ‘Chicago of China’, Wuhan certainly lives up to its sobriquet with excellent amenities and a first-rate health system. 

The economic zone in which the school is located, awards unique benefits to expats not available in many other cities in China. For example, long-term visas (up to 5 years) and multiple real estate property purchases, including apartments and villas at affordable prices, are just two of the many advantages of living and working in the area. The surrounding area is being transformed into a high-tech zone with a vast array of super-shopping malls with a wide range of brand names and a multitude of restaurants visible, adventure parks for hiking and boating, golf courses, a professional motor racing circuit et al. The new metro station sits outside school and takes passengers straight into the heart of the city on the express line affording them wonderful views of the Yangtze en route. In addition, with its low cost of living, renowned cuisine, vibrant entertainment scene and high quality of life, Wuhan is fast becoming the city of choice for people to work and live in.

ISA Wuhan will open her doors in August 2022. We seek qualified and experienced leaders and educators, who are passionate about developing young people to join our Founding Team. Successful candidates will support our team to ensure ISA Wuhan lays solid foundations for the school launch.

Candidates are requested to provide three referees for pre-employment reference check from current and previous employers. The referees must be the Head of School, Principal or the direct supervisor from the school leadership team. References will only be requested at the confirmation of the candidate to do so.

ISA is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. Candidates must be prepared to undergo child protection screening and appropriate background check.


Responsible to: The Secondary Principal
Job purpose: To collaborate with the IBDP Coordinator to enhance the students’ academic and pastoral education with the aim of maintaining high achievement. In addition to be responsible for the planning, teaching and learning within Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE); to take the lead in the successful pastoral life of the school particularly in reaching out to all members of the school community. The post-holder will be a member of the Secondary Leadership Team (SLT).
The Post-holder is:
To promote the vision of ISA Wuhan actively and effectively within and beyond the school community.
To promote PSHCE and the school in general by speaking at key school events e.g. Open Days, Curriculum
meetings etc.
  To maintain an updated Handbook for Pastoral Care at the school comprising an introduction, an annual review, strategic development plan, PSHCE schemes of work for all grades, any pertinent departmental policies etc...
  To be Line Manager to the Grade Coordinator(s).
  To ensure reports effectively inform parents of students' educational progress at school.
  To review and update where necessary school policies e.g. teachers assessment of students' work and
  To conduct regular quality assurance checks e.g. student work scrutiny to ensure high performance is maintained continually.
  To oversee the successful planning and conducting of school trips including a comprehensive system.
  To timetable and monitor effective execution of school supervision duties.
  To take a lead in the organisation of Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences, Open Days, activity days and other
pastoral related events.
  Liaise with the Student Support Department (SSD) to ensure optimal academic and pastoral care of all
  To oversee the successful workings of student welfare processes.
  To attend weekly meetings with the SLT.
  To attend school meetings and others as requested.
  To create and proofread significant communication in English e.g. newsletters, handbooks, curriculum
documentation etc...
  To promote the pastoral life of the school and its activities/achievements, when required, through school
publications e.g. newsletter, Year Book, website.
  To supervise the effective and timely publication of Student Planners.
  To lead the ‘Student Voice’ programme of leadership enabling students to impact the school community
  To participate positively in one’s own and others' appraisal.
  To participate in school-wide In-Service Training (InSeT) set initiatives.
  To provide InSeT in your subject area, if requested.
  To take InSeT opportunities to further one’s own development/career opportunities.
  To advise Grade Co-ordinators, Form Tutors, teachers etc... on how best to ensure the successful pastoral development of every student particularly in the discharge of Form Tutor responsibilities.
  To arrange support to Grade Co-ordinators and others who may need it. To support in meetings, parental, student or otherwise that are serious or strategically important in nature.
  To maintain the standards of pupils’ behaviour and dress.
  To organise the selection and effective running of the Student Council.
  Lead and work closely with the Head of Curriculum on teacher inputting of appropriate student-related data arrangements.
  To ensure accurate data analysis is undertaken and communicated effectively to key stakeholders e.g. students, parents, staff and Principal etc.
  To implement and monitor successful student intervention strategies e.g. mentoring and coaching systems. 6. BEHAVIOUR AND REWARDS
  To ensure successful implementation and updating of Pastoral policies.
  To monitor an effective rewards and sanctions system e.g. Detentions / green / yellow cards / report
monitoring / achievement assemblies etc.
  To supervise effective follow-up communication with parents.
To support teachers with appropriate strategies to enhance student learning behaviour. 7. CURRICULUM
  To advise the Principal and other leaders on the suitability of the curriculum particularly in reference to government regulations and always ensure this is in keeping with authorities’ expectations.
  To adhere to and model a high standard of learning and teaching of PSHCE.
  To maintain high expectations of the delivery of the school curriculum in terms of objectives, skills and
content for teachers and ensure these are met by teachers.
  To complete detailed and relevant Schemes of Learning in line with school policy and upload them on to a
space accessed by educators.
  To ensure continuity with the Primary/Secondary curriculum where appropriate.
  To encourage cross-curricular approaches with other subjects, where appropriate.
  To maximise opportunities to develop and enhance the curriculum by encouraging opportunities inside and
outside the school by having e.g. visiting speakers, undertaking field trips etc.
  To ensure the appropriate provision of text-books and teaching resources in your subject.
  To display pupils’ work and a record of their achievements in the classroom and in the school generally, as
  To provide appropriate information to parents about your subject(s).
  To lead, when requested, seminars for parents about your subject(s).
  Where appropriate, to include activities to do with your subject in the Extra-Curricular Activity programme.
  To undertake any other activity, which promotes the teaching of Chinese in the school.
  To liaise and share ideas with teachers of your subject in other SUIS schools.
  To order the necessary resources for your subject (PSHCE).
  Conduct and record an annual inventory of resources – books, stationery, equipment.
Plan and manage the Pastoral budget effectively. 10. ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES
  To keep the SLT informed about their Subject needs and development.
  To ensure continuity, progression and assessment in your subject.
  To initiate both in-phase and cross-phase liaison where appropriate.
  To maintain the school’s status as a Healthy School.
  Support and monitor any teachers as required in pedagogical practice.
  Conduct oneself in a professional manner at all times including meeting deadlines punctually, behaving in a
polite and understanding way towards colleagues during meetings and all other times.
  Carry out any other reasonable duties as directed by the Principal in conjunction with the senior leadership of
the school.


Full expatriate package for international candidates.

Full Time, Fixed Term

Post date: 2021-10-21
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