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Junior Recruiter

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About Vikki

Vikki was an introverted girl as a child although this did not prevent her pursuing her dreams. In 2010, after her high school studies in China, she was presented with an opportunity to travel abroad and study A-levels at Bristol Grammar School in the UK. It was here where she met her sixth form math teacher: a cheerful and positive lady who filled her with great encouragement and support; as a consequence, Vikki further improved her confidence and began to embrace the world and the uncertainties.

After graduating from sixth form in the UK she studied accounting and finance at the University of Birmingham, before returning to her home country in 2015. She chose to become an educator just like her high school math teacher, to positively affect student development just as she herself once was. At the same time, her sense of responsibility and patience was enhanced.

Vikki heard about TopTutorJob at the end of 2019, and she decided to join the international education market with a brand-new identity: Recruiter. Her skills started to grow rapidly, and in the year of 2020, she had conducted around 300 interviews, contacted thousands of candidates, and successfully recommended more than 20 candidates to schools. She also received the Human Resources Certificate in the same year.

As a recruiter, she listens to the real needs and concerns of candidates, fully provides the most accurate recruitment information about the school and position, makes the correct match, and always negotiate better welfare conditions for her candidates; now she is also working as the account manager of 16 schools.

Vikki would like to carry on assisting global educators with their career choices, future development plans and to help them reach employed status in China; this is Vikki’s passion and brings her the greatest happiness.


Jonathan B. & Emma J.
Joined Wuhan Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School

During our search for a new school in 2020 we were contacted by dozens of recruiters who offered countless teaching opportunities. Vikki was one of the few recruiters who actually listened to what we wanted from a new work place and city.

Out of that select few, Vikki was the only one who communicated effectively with us and acted proactively, rather than reactively. Thanks to Vikki we found the perfect job and are currently entering the 2nd term in our new city. We have already recommended Vikki to help friends who are currently looking for new opportunities. Thank you, Vikki! You are amazing!!!

Sebastian A.
Estimate to join Quality Schools International of Shenzhen

From day one, Vikki consistently exceeded expectations. She actually listened to my wants and concerns, took note of them, and adjusted her efforts accordingly.

She answered all questions with an impressive display of industry knowledge. When I got stuck during a difficult decision, she made time to get on the phone and advise me. Finally, she helped me secure a job that not only met my very stubborn requirements (warm weather, urban location, middle school ages, international), but also, when taking basic pay plus housing allowance into account, basically more than doubled my salary.

Vikki is a gem. If you have the chance to work with her, don't think twice.

Rohit A.
Joined Ningbo Foreign Language School

Ahh what can I say about Vikki....

Always energetic and always ready to help and support, she knows what exactly I was looking for so according to that she gave me list of schools and she guided me in which area I need to work more that's the best thing I saw in recruiter in my career till now. And luckily I got my job in the same city where she lives so we met once and after meeting I will definitely say she is more passionate about work always ready to learn new thins and most important is her focus. She knows exactly what she has to do.

Lots of love and best of luck my friend.

Mark F.
Joined Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign School

When I moved to Hangzhou last summer Vikki was one of several agents I contacted.

She was easily the most professional and diligent of the lot. She was very patient despite the fact that I was a very fussy candidate (I was set on living in a particular area as my family had already settled there and as a result had to turn down several suitable positions that Vikki found for me).

Thanks to her persistence she eventually found a suitable position for me at an international primary school here in Hangzhou. She will certainly be the first person I will call if and when I am looking to change positions again.

Jade S.
Joined Minhang Crosspoint High School, Shanghai

Vikki (TTJ recruiter) is a very efficient woman, she works hard to help you find the right job suited to your needs and preferences. She works with the job seeker's interests at heart. She is clear and precised on what jobs are available and what you need for these jobs. I couldn't of asked for a better recruiter to help me get my goal job.

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Last updated: 2021-03-24