Key Facts

Zhengzhou is a New-Tier-1-City in China with a population of 10.3 million

Urban Disposable Income Per-Capita (RMB/Year)

¥ 42087.00

Cost of living (1-bedroom apartment in city centre)

¥ 1970.00

Days with Good /Excellent Air Quality of 2019


NO.of International schools


NO.of Training Centres


NO.of Pre-schools


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Salary Info

If you teach in Zhengzhou,
Here is the salary data of the 3 types of school employers, extracted from our research report.

  • Starting monthly salary 14727.97
  • Max monthly salary 19914.60
  • Average monthly salary 17321.29
  • Starting monthly salary 13033.33
  • Max monthly salary 20083.33
  • Average monthly salary 16558.33
  • Starting monthly salary 13823.38
  • Max monthly salary 22309.38
  • Average monthly salary 18066.38

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Teach in China 2020: A Report on salaries of Foreign Teachers in 36 Major Cities

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