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- Introductions to the Key Members of TTJ -

Founded in 2017 by a team of entrepreneur, IT guru and recruitment specialist, TTJ is marching toward fulfillment of its mission: creating a trusted K-12 educator's network to positively impact global education.

Founder & CEO

Hao is a serial entrepreneur and life adventurer. He started a language training school during his third year as an undergraduate business student at University of Nottingham Ningbo. In 2015, Hao raised more than a million to start Ganwei, a company whose core business became TopTutorJob. Based in the coastal city of Ningbo, Hao is in charge of TTJ’s overall strategy, team and business development.


A good friend of Hao's, Jack joined Ganwei in 2015, making important contributions to the company's product design and IT development. Jack earned a bachelor degree in industrial design from Zhejiang University Ningbo Institution of Technology.

Chengcheng Miao
UK office partner

Chengcheng joined TTJ in the earliest stages of the venture. Her rich experience in high end position recruitment working for Michael Page and University of Nottingham Ningbo helped TTJ develop a highly sophisticated international recruitment solution from the start. Now she is in her Ph.D study at the University of Reading, UK, while still assists TTJ with its recruitment team training and UK business development.

Younes Rezzouki
IT Advisor

A good friend of Hao's, Younes made important contributions to Ganwei's early IT product development. An IT geek, Younes always has great insights and advice to share for TTJ’s IT development. Now Younes is a CTO and senior partner of a fast-growing micro-finance company, headquartered in Ningbo city, where he lives with his wife.

Business Advisor

Mr. YU is a pioneer business leader with a Ph.D. (University of Harbin Institute of Technology) in the field of Business Intelligence and Big Data Management. In 2016, Hao met Mr. YU from whom he learnt a great deal about the field of IT-based business. Now Mr.YU is the founder and CEO of Zhiwei Data, Ltd, with operational headquarters in Ningbo, which he regularly visits.

Senior Recruiter

Nina graduated from Anglia Ruskin University, UK, with a major in Human Resource Management. On her first interview with TTJ in 2018, Nina knew it was the right place for her. She appreciates having colleagues who are also good friends and teachers. She is outgoing and athletic, spending her free time doing yoga, belly dancing and playing volleyball. Click here to see Nina's full profile.

Senior Recruiter

Fascinated by cross-cultural communication, Susie decided to start her career at TopTutorJob in 2019 after graduating from the European Joint Master’s Program. She is also a world traveler, who loves photography, blogging and event organisation. She has visited more than 30 countries and keeps exploring new ones each year. Click here to see Susie's full profile.

Junior Recruiter

Chris always has a love for all things international, believing that to know the world is to better know ourselves. For that reason, she studied International foreign trade in the college. Chris has worked at TopTutorJob since 2021. She was attracted to work here because of the fast paced and international working environment. She really enjoys her work in TTJ because she can help talented people find the job they are looking for and feel thrilled with being helpful.

Junior Recruiter

Emma used to study in the University of Wisconsin as an exchange student. She majored in Education and she is passionated in this field. Emma joined the international recruiter team in April of 2021. She’s looking forward to growing and using her recruitment skills that can help more schools find good international educators.

Junior Recruiter

Dora graduated from Henley Business School of  the University of Reading, UK. During her study in the UK, she went to University of Strasbourg for exchange and worked as an intern in the HR Department of Huawei UK Representative Office. She has a deep love for intercultural communication, joined TopTutorJob in late 2020, now she feels excitement and challenge everyday.

Junior Recruiter

After obtaining her master degree at University of Sheffield, UK, Wren decided to devote herself into Chinese education market and the recruitment industry. During her experience as the student ambassador to work with the UK crew, Wren found very exciting to show the great side to the world and improve the communication despite the culture differences. With her passion and warm hearted personalities, Wren joined TTJ in 2021, a whole new adventure for her.

Junior Recruiter

Freshly graduated from Queen’s University Belfast with great passion and firm spirit in this industry, Amber joined the international recruiter team in the end of 2020. Inspired by her colleagues' kindness and hard working, she decides to be a good partner for both colleagues and candidates and a hard working job seeker. Except working, in her spare time, she also enjoys painting, playing volleyball and traveling, and trying to do some interesting short writings.

Rachel. FAN
Junior Recruiter

Rachel attended a program in Oxford to study business and culture. Immersed in a city with people from dynamic backgrounds, she found her real passion for cultural studies. Therefore she decided to have a career regarding this field. Now she’s in love bridging expats with wonderful schools. Positive comments from candidates give her a huge sense of fulfillment and realize the real meaning behind her work.

Operation Specialist

Cathryn is a graduate of New York University. She started her career as a marketing specialist in a Wall Street boutique law firm, where she developed her skills in content planning and media operation. After returning to China, Cathryn truly saw a future for herself at TTJ and joined the operation team in 2021, with the passion of making TTJ as the leading provider of international educator recruitment service in China. 

HR Manager

After graduating from university with a major in HRM, Rita started her career in Human Resource area, especially in recruitment and training modules for more than six years before she joined TTJ in 2019. She shows a level of expertise not only as an HR professional but also as a problem-solver with excellent communication and people skill, her kind and positive working attitude serves very well to her role as HR manager and acting as interface between HR Department and all related parties. She can always find the perfect one to become one of TTJ team.

Recruitment Assistant

After graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English, Wallis had been working as a support teacher for many international teachers for 2 years. The experience allowed her to develop skills in teamwork and communication. She is passionate about devoting herself into Chinese education industry and helping international educators settle down in China with their dream jobs. In 2021, Wallis met TTJ team and joined with honor.

Recruitment Assistant

Diana graduated from University of Nottingham Ningbo, majored in Computer Science. After graduation she joined TTJ in end of 2021 for loving the culture and people in here. Diana is a team player with an out-going personality and also an efficient communicator.

Recruitment Assistant

After graduated from the University of Washington at Seattle in 2021, Mike decided to explore more opportunities in where he could learn how to communicate with different people. During the pandemic, TTJ happens to be a perfect place where he could have the chance to talk with schools and candidates from all around the world. By devoting into the recruitment field, he believes by connecting more teachers with schools he could help to build a healthy and wealthy community!

Recruitment Assistant

After graduating from university with a major in English, Ted devoted himself into Chinese education market and joined TTJ with the dream of being a professional recruiter. He is always optimistic and willing to help others.

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