Comprehensive Guide for Overseas Candidates

to Teach in China

Teaching in China is an incredible experience, as China offers fantastic teaching salaries, a wide range of benefits and a huge choice of locations. These have helped China become one of the most desired teaching destinations in the world.

However, as the restrictions on preventing COVID-19 continues, most overseas candidates have experienced a difficult time coming to China to teach. Since the restrictions on international travel is gradually eased, many oversea candidates are wondering if it is the right time for them to find a teaching job in China, or if it is easier to travel to China now. That’s where this comprehensive guide to teach in China comes in!

Decision Making

China has one of the largest teaching markets, attracting many foreign educators and offering a wide range of career options. However, China has imposed restrictions on protecting the populace since the pandemic started. International educators must weigh the key benefits and drawbacks of teaching and living in China at this particular time.

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Teaching Job Seeking

When you decide to teach in China, there are several ways for you to search for a teaching job in China. Also, you should notice some traps during the job seeking process.

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Before Departure

Below are the visa, vaccine and PCR test requirements, as well as the flight information that you need to be aware of before you decide to leave for China:

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Arrive China

Currently, foreign inbound travelers will still need to follow relevant quarantine rules in China, which can vary significantly between cities, and regulations can change very quickly depending on the local pandemic situation. All international arrivals should be prepared to complete quarantine at a government-selected facility or hotel at their own expense, with no control over the amenities, even if they maintain a residence in China.

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