Educational Groups & Schools in China

Learn about educational groups in China and why it is a good idea working at a school attached

Education Group Overview

What Is an Education Group?

Education group can be understood as the operation model of building a school community and run by a single enterprise. In this way, the schools under the education group have the chance to share education philosophy, education resources, personnel management, branding, school finance/property management, information technology, etc.

Normally, there are three kinds of schools/institutions that are likely to be operated by education groups, and their business modes can be slightly different. Those three kinds are:

K12 schools (See our Glossary for details) as the first kind is also the most salient part in education industry. Those schools are usually directly owned by education groups, and the headquarter has major administration authority over the schools so that those schools have the same standard of operation and they all have to report to the headquarter. For example, Beanstalk Education Group is one of this kind. However, some education groups choose to ally with some reputable schools and have them to implement brand output or curriculum output only. For instance, Beida Jade Bird Culture and Education Group relies on the brand and partial education resources of the well-known Peking University, and the education group collaborates with local government to run several schools such as Peking University Experimental School (Jiaxing) and Peking University Experimental School (Suqian). Those schools are mainly using the brand and some human resources generated by the university, but they're not supervised by the university directly.

Training centers and early-childhood institutions is the second and third kind respectively, those institutions are mainly operated by franchisees. Or more precisely, they adopt the business strategy of combining direct operation and franchise. Like EF and My Gym, they both decided to set up directly-operated branches in early stages, and then adopt franchise to expand their business. (Deloitte,2015)

Global Education Groups

From a global perspective, you may heard of some well-recognized education groups, such as Nord Anglia, Harrow Schools, Eton House International Education Group, etc. Take Nord Anglia Education Group as an example, it started as a ESL training institution in 1927, and has been expanding its business in international school field by M&A, especially since 21st century. Currently it already owns over 60 campus in 28 countries, and it has become the industry benchmark.

Education Groups in China

Education Groups in China

The operation model of running schools by education groups started in the 1970s in some countries where private education is more advanced developed, and the concept entered China in the 1990s. Now it already become the main trend of school management in international education industry in China.

In 2017, an instruction document carried out by central government suggested that education industry in China should improve its management, and explore the model of running school by education groups (General Office of the CPC Central Committee & General Office of the State Council, 2017)*. Undoubtedly, this government policy has further facilitated the development and investment of education groups. Based on TTJ's industry observation, among all the new private-owned bilingual/international schools in China, those run by education groups take up a major part of the market.

Educational Group School Jobs

As a teacher, you may ask what's so special teaching in those schools under education groups. Here TTJ is going to summarize some advantages and potential disadvantages working for education groups.

Directly-operated schoolsBetter career pathMore mobilityMore secured as an employeeMore support in work by sharing resources Over-solidified teaching/management system
FranchiseesBetter career pathMore mobilityLoose management and poor service

As illustrated in the table above, there are mainly 4 advantages working for a school under education groups.

  • Having a better career path could be the most salient one. As education group-owned schools are usually more influential in the industry, you can either choose a school to stay for a long time and further develop yourself, or take it as a stepping stone for even better opportunities. All in all, working for a reputable school could offer you more choices in career development in the future.
  • Secondly, since one education group normally has multiple campus, it might give you more mobility in terms of job location.
  • Thirdly, for those schools that are directly operated by education groups, they have more systematic and normative management supported by comprehensive policy, thus your right as an employee can be secured to the largest extent.
  • Fourthly, those directly-operated schools have shared education resources so that you could get plenty of support and cooperation to make sure your work go smoothly.

Speaking of disadvantages of working under an education group, TTJ can really only think of a few and specific situation has to be taken account.

  • One possible disadvantage could be that the model of direct operating may result in a over-solidified teaching/management system.
  • Another thing is, unlike the direct-operated schools/branches, the franchisees might have loose management and poor service.

However, the advantages can be avoidable on the basis of thorough research before joining an employer. In TTJ, we conduct strict examination on every single school/education group we work with, in order to make sure all the positions we post are trustworthy.

Education Groups List

Due to the limitation of space here, we don't include all the schools attached to an educational group if there are too many. Also, be sure to check the latest update time of this list.

Tips: Copy the name of the school and use School Search to find more information about more about the school.

NameSchool AttachedCity
Ailu Education GroupShanghai Pudong New Area private love green kindergarten …Shanghai
AKD International IncorporationBeijing Concord College of Sino-Canada
AMBRIGHTAmbright-Hefei Thomas School
Ambright-Jinan Thomas School
Ambright-Nanjing Thomas School
Ambright-Shanghai Thomas School
Jinan Thomas School
Shanghai Thomas School
Jinan Nanjing Shanghai Jinan Shanghai
Ascend International Education Group Co, Ltd.Basis International School Guangzhou
Basis International School Hangzhou
Basis International School Nanjing
Basis International School Park Line Harbour
BASIS International School Shenzhen
Guangzhou Hangzhou Nanjing Huizhou Shenzen
BE EducationWycombe Abbey Schools Hangzhou
Wycombe Abbey Schools Nanjing
Hangzhou Nanjing
Beanstalk Education GroupBeanstalk International Bilingual School Beijing Chaoyang Changyin
Beanstalk International Bilingual School Chengdu
Beanstalk International Bilingual School Kunming
Beanstalk International Bilingual School—Beijing Shunyi
Beijing Beanstalk International Kindergarten (Solana Campus)
Beijing Chengdu Kunming Beijing Beijing
Beijing Normal University Education GroupChangsha School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University
BFSU Foreign Languages SchoolRugao International Academy BFSU
Bright Scholar Education GroupFettes College Guangzhou
Changsha Country Garden Venice Bilingual School
Country Garden Ouzhou City School
Country Garden Panpuwan School
Country Garden Silver Beach School …
Guangzhou Changsha Chuzhou Foshan Huizhou
Changchun American International School (CAIS)Transpace(Changchun) Foreign Language School
Chengdu Golden Apple Education GroupChengDu Longjiang Road Primary School (South Area)
Golden Apple Jincheng No.1 Secondary School
Golden Apple School
Chengdu Chengdu Chengdu
China Future Education GroupChongqing School Affiliated to East China Normal University
Zhoushan CFE Bilingual School of A-STEM
Chongqing Zhoushan
Chiway Education Group (Chiway Edu)Hefei World Foreign Language School
Overseas Chinese Academy of Chiway, Wuxi
Taicang Walton Foreign Language School
Wuxi Suzhou
CHOYA EDUCATION GROUPAgile Bilingual School …Haikou
Cogdel Education GroupSuzhou International Foundation School
International Department of Jiangsu Zhenze High School
International Department of Beijing No.35 High School
Wuhan NO.6 High School Internaltional Department
Yinhai Academy …
Suzhou Suzhou Beijing Wuhan Qingdao
Dehong EducationDehong Beijing International Chinese School
Dehong Xi'an International Chinese School
Beijing Xi’an
Dipont EducationNanjing Foreign Language School Yuhua International Academy
Nanwai King's College School
RDFZ King’s College Hangzhou
Shanghai Huaer Collegiate School
The International Department of Shude High School …
Nanjing Wuxi Hangzhou Suzhou Chengdu
DTD Education GroupShanghai DTD High School
Vanke Bilingual School
Vanke School Pudong
Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai
Dulwich College International schoolsDehong Chinese International Chinese School, Shanghai
Dulwich College, Beijing
Dulwich College, Shanghai Pudong
Dulwich College, Shanghai Puxi
Dulwich College, Suzhou …
Shanghai Beijing Shanghai Shanghai Suzhou
Elite K12 Group (HD School)HD Beijing School
HD Ningbo School
HD Qingdao Wanda School
HT School Nanjing
Shanghai HD Bilingual School …
Beijing Ningbo Qingdao Nanjing Shanghai
Eton House International Education GroupDalian Etonhouse International School
EtonHouse International School Nanjing
Suzhou – EtonHouse International School
The Foshan EtonHouse International School
Dalian Nanjing Suzhou Foshan
Far East Horizon LimitedShanghai Hongwen School
Fazheng GroupBeijing Royal School
Chengdu Royal Foreign Language School
Dalian Royal School
Yuncheng Royal School
Beijing Chengdu Dalian Yuncheng
Full Circle EducationSt. Bees School Shijiazhuang
St. Bees, Dongguan
Beijing Dongguan
Gemdale EducationRoyal Grammar School Nanjing
Xuzhou Judge Cambridge academy
Yiwu International Academy
Grand International School, Qingdao
Suzhou Xuzhou Yiwu Qingdao
Greentown Yuhua Education GroupHangzhou Greentown Yuhua Primary School
Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua school
Zhoushan Greentown Yuhua (International) School
Hangzhou Hangzhou Zhoushan
Guanghua Education GroupGuanghua Academy
Soochow Foreign Language School
Suzhou Foreign Language School
Suzhou Foreign Language School Jiangyin Campus
Suzhou Foreign Language School Nanjing Campus …
Shanghai Suzhou Suzhou Wuxi Nanjing
Haidian Foreign Language AcademyBeijing Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School
Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School Hainan Campus
Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School Jingbei Campus
Beijing Haidian International School
Carden®China at Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School …
Beijing Qionghai Zhangjiakou Beijing Beijing
Hailiang EducationFeicheng Hailiang Foreign Language School Feicheng
Hailiang Arts High School Shaoxing
Hubei Xiantao First Middle School
Wuhu Hailiang Experimental School Wuhu
Hailiang Junior High School Hangzhou …
Tai’an Shaoxing Wuhan Wuhu Hangzhou
Harrow Education GroupHarrow Innovation Leadership Academy Shenzhen Qianhai
Harrow International School Haikou
Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy Haikou
Harrow International School Shanghai
Harrow International School Shenzhen Qianhai …
Shenzhen Haikou Haikou Shanghai Shenzhen
Hong Kong Yew Wah International Education FoundationYew Wah International Edcuation School Shanghai
Yew Wah International Edcuation School, Beijing
Yew Wah International Edcuation School, Guangzhou Campus
Yew Wah International Education School Tongxiang
Yew Wah International Education School Yantai …
Shanghai Beijing Guangzhou Tongxiang Yantai
Ivy Education GroupDaystar Academy (Beigao Campus)
Daystar Academy (Sanlitun Campus)
Beijing Beijing
Jinan Education GroupChina America International School
Shenzhen Yinhu Foreign Language Experimental School
Shenzhen Shenzhen
Jinmao Education LTDShanghai Jinmao Bilingual School
Juneyao GroupWenzhou World Foreign Language School
Limai Chinese Ameican EducationBeijing Limai sino-American (International) School Hainan Old City Campus
Limai Chinese American (International) School
Limai Chinese American (International) School—Nanchang
Haikou Beijing Nanchang
Lunhua EducationChangshu International School
Suzhou Science & Technology Town Foreign Language School
Suzhou Suzhou
Maple Leaf Education GroupMaple Leaf International Academy—Shenzhen
Maple Leaf International School - Tianjin Huayuan
Maple Leaf International School Dalian Ganjingzi
Maple Leaf International School Jinan
Maple Leaf International School Shanghai …
Shenzhen Tianjin Dalian
Jinan Shanghai
Nord Anglia EducationNord Anglia School Beijing, Fangshan
Nord Anglia School Foshan
Nord Anglia School Guangzhou, Panyu
Nord Anglia School Jiaxing
Nord Anglia School Nantong …
Beijing Foshan Guangzhou Jiangxi Nantong
Quality Schools InternationalQuality Schools International of Chengdu
Quality Schools International of Dongguan
Quality Schools International of Shenyang
Quality Schools International of Shenzhen
Quality Schools International of Zhuhai
Chengdu Dongguan Shenyang Shenzhen Zhuhai
Shanghai Community International School Hongqiao Main CampusShanghai Community International School Hongqiao ECE Campus
Shanghai Hejia EducationHangzhou-Bay Bilingual School (Shanghai Jinshan)
Shanghai Starriver Billingual School
Hangzhou Shanghai
Shanghai Jiao Da Education GroupHuzhou Paddington Bilingual School
Shanghai Jiaotong University Nanyang School, Kunshan
Huzhou Suzhou
Shanghai United International GroupShanghai United International School, Gubei Secondary Campus
Shanghai United International School, Hefei Campus
Shanghai United International School, Hongqiao Campus
Shanghai United International School, Jiaoke Campus
Shanghai United International School, Pudong Campus
Shanghai Hefei Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai
SinoCampusJinling High School Hexi Campus International Division
SIWA Education GroupBeijing 21st Century International School
Beijing 21st Century International School Chengdu Campus
Beijing Chengdu
The MacDuffie SchoolThe MacDuffie School Linyi
The MacDuffie School Shanghai
The MacDuffie School Tianjin
Linyi Shanghai Tianjin
Tianwen Education GroupTianwen International School
Tongwen School Education GroupPeking University Experimental School ( Suqian )
Peking University Experimental School (Jiaxing)
Tongwen Nanning Experimental School Attached To Peking University
Tongwen Peking University Experimental School Zhuhai
Tongwen Zhanjiang Experimental School Attached To Peking University …
Suqian Jiaxing Nanning Zhuhai Zhanjiang
U-Link CollegeNansha College Prepapatory Academy
Ulink College of Suzhou Industrial Park
Wuhan Ulink College of China Optics Valley
Guangzhou Suzhou Wuhan
Vancouver Public Education AllianceShanghai Honor School
WeiMing School (Group)WeiMing School (Wuhan Campus)
WeiMing School-Tianjin Campus
WeiMing School—Bao'an Campus Shenzhen
WeiMing School—North Campus Chengdu
WeiMing School—Qingdao Xihaian Campus
Wuhan Tianjin Shenzhen Chengdu Qingdao
Wellington College ChinaHuili School Hangzhou
Huili School Shanghai
Wellington College International Hangzhou
Wellington College International Shanghai
Wellington College International Tianjin
Hangzhou Shanghai Hangzhou Shanghai Tianjin
Wuxi Jinqiao Education GroupWuxi Jinqiao Bilingual Experimental School
Xueda EducationCixi Wengu Foreign Language School
Xuetong EducationACABRIDGE College, Shanghai
Yew Chung Education FoundationYew Chung International School of Beijing
Yew Chung International School of Chongqing
Yew Chung International School of Hong Kong
Yew Chung International School of Qingdao
Yew Chung International School of Shanghai
Beijing Chongqing HongKong Qingdao Shanghai
Zhongshan Whampoa International Education Co., LtdGuangzhou International Middle School Huangpu ZWIE Guangzhou International Primary School Baiyun ZWIE Guangzhou International Primary School Huangpu ZWIE Zhongshan Whampoa World CollegeGuangzhou Guangzhou Guangzhou Guangzhou
Table1: Education Groups and Schools Attached (Updated 11th Nov. 2020)