Guangzhou Quarantine Hotel List 2022

Guangzhou quarantine hotel list collected by TopTutorJob.

All international travelers coming to China (regardless of nationality) are required to undergo centralized quarantine. The duration of this centralized quarantine policy may vary between different provinces, but in general, 14-day centralized isolation is mandatory.

Meanwhile, for domestic travelers from medium and high-risk areas, centralized quarantine is required in most provinces and cities in China.

Guangzhou Latest Quarantine Policy

For international travelers, they are required to undergo 14-day centralized quarantine, 7-day home quarantine, plus 7-day community health monitoring.

For domestic travelers from high-risk areas, 14-day centralized quarantine is required. Domestic travelers from medium risk areas should undergo 14-day home quarantine.

Guangzhou Centralized Quarantine Hotel Master List

Hotel NameDistrictRoom+Food Rate (per day)Express DeliveryFood Delivery
Beihaidao HotelPanyu368AllowedAllowed
Atour HotelPanyu400AllowedAllowed
Clifford HotelPanyu350+120AllowedAllowed
Vienna HotelPanyu300AllowedAllowed
Bridal Tea House HotelPanyu320AllowedAllowed
Mehood Lestie HotelPanyu400/550AllowedAllowed
Ease HotelPanyu289AllowedAllowed
Ibis Styles HotelPanyu248+60AllowedAllowed
JunYue HotelPanyu330AllowedAllowed
Days Hotel YijiangPanyu298/348AllowedAllowed
Hotel Nikko GuangzhouTianhe398/800/1200/1700AllowedAllowed
Yanling HotelTianhe380/400 (No food)AllowedAllowed
Fortune HotelTianhe350+20(Breakfast) +40(Lunch&Dinner)AllowedAllowed
Days Hotel HantianTianhe348AllowedAllowed
Grand Royal HotelTianhe400+100AllowedAllowed
Huaxia Business HotelTianhe350+100AllowedAllowed
Yihai Business HotelConghua210+30 (Lunch&Dinner)AllowedAllowed
Yiquan International HotelConghua370AllowedAllowed
Yongdebao International HotelConghua280+70AllowedAllowed
Easeland Hotel GuangzhouBaiyun460(Breakfast included)AllowedAllowed
Vyluk HotelBaiyun288(Breakfast included)AllowedNot Allowed
Holiday Villa Hotel & Residence Baiyun GuangzhouBaiyun278(Breakfast included)AllowedAllowed
Huangshi Home InnBaiyun272(Breakfast included)AllowedAllowed
Vienna Zhihao HotelBaiyun270AllowedAllowed
Lavande HotelBaiyun315(Breakfast included)AllowedAllowed
Wxinn Hotel JunheBaiyun280AllowedAllowed
Super 8 HotelBaiyun295AllowedAllowed
Jinjiang MetroPolo HotelBaiyun380+35 per mealAllowedAllowed
Feili International HotelBaiyun350+25/35/40AllowedAllowed
Konit International HotelBaiyun300 + 100 (can refuse hotel food and self orderYes on all typesAllowed
Polu Boutique HotelNansha238+100AllowedAllowed
Cass HotelNansha350+30 per mealAllowedAllowed
Zhongbang International HotelNansha238+80AllowedAllowed
Vienna International HotelNansha370AllowedAllowed
New World HotelYuexiu268/288(No food)AllowedAllowed
Liuhua HotelYuexiu350+100AllowedAllowed
XingHe Business HotelLiwan268(No food)AllowedAllowed
Hengchao Holiday InnLiwan268+80AllowedAllowed
Lavande HotelLiwan300(No food)AllowedAllowed
Super 8 HotelLiwan368(No food)AllowedAllowed
Maoming Shihua HotelLiwan350+100AllowedAllowed
Vienna HotelHaizhu330/395AllowedAllowed
Wellgold HotelHaizhu280AllowedAllowed
Oasis HotelHaizhu245+75AllowedAllowed
Kairongdu International HotelHaizhu380AllowedAllowed
JiangYue HotelHaizhu298+100AllowedAllowed
Rosedale HotelHaizhu500AllowedAllowed
Ibis HotelHaizhu368(No food)/458AllowedAllowed
Lavande HotelHaizhu330AllowedAllowed
Shanshui Trends HotelZengcheng248AllowedAllowed
Tianfa Business HotelZengcheng200AllowedAllowed
Kashi International HotelZengcheng298+70AllowedAllowed
Vienna HotelZengcheng328/348+80AllowedAllowed
Echarm HotelZengcheng329(No window)/349(With window), food not includedAllowedAllowed
Cheermay HotelZengcheng698AllowedAllowed
Mulian HotelHuangpu320+38(Lunch)/48(Dinner)AllowedAllowed
Relax Life HotelHuangpu300+60Not AllowedAllowed
Echarm HotelHuangpu329(No window)/349(With window)AllowedAllowed
YueHai HotelHuangpu230+100AllowedAllowed
Ji HotelHuangpu238AllowedAllowed
Jinjiang MetroPolo HotelHuangpu298AllowedAllowed
Southern Airlines Pearl HotelHuadu350(Breakfast included)AllowedAllowed
H J Grand HotelHuadu350AllowedAllowed
Huilin HotelHuadu298AllowedAllowed
Country Garden Airport Phoenix HotelHuadu350(Breakfast included)AllowedAllowed
Lavande HotelHuadu260AllowedAllowed
KingDom HotelHuadu268+30AllowedAllowed
Orange HotelHuadu278/538AllowedAllowed
Vashe HotelHuadu200 + 100AllowedAllowed
Hampton HotelHuadu350/450(Breakfast included)AllowedAllowed
Kyriad Marvelous HotelHuadu285AllowedAllowed
Jing Yi HotelHuadu350(Breakfast included)+28 per mealAllowedAllowed
Serengti HotelHuadu350(Breakfast included)AllowedAllowed

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the hotel? What if I don't live in Guangzhou?

No. Hotels are assigned based on availability. It is possible that quarantine officers at the border let you choose the pricing of the hotel, but it is mandatory that you go to your designated district of residence. If you are not living in Guangzhou, then quarantine officers will randomly allocate a hotel for you.

Can couples share hotel rooms?

It is not guaranteed that couples can share hotel rooms. It is possible for you to ask the front desk if this option is available when you check-in.

How is daily temperature checked?/ food delivered?

The hotel will provide a disinfected thermometer for you to check your temperature twice a day at assigned times. You do not need to bring your own or purchase one.

In terms of food, it is usually provided by the hotel. As you can see from the above table, most qurantine hotels in Guangzhou allow food delivery, your food will be delivered at set times during the day.