A Guide to the "Teach in" Topic Series

Learn everything you need to know about living and teaching in the 36 cities of China

Teach in Topic Series aims to provide you with a comprehensive and useful guide to the basic information of the 36 most important cities in China, as well as what you can expect teaching there as a foreign teacher.

In these topic articles, you will find introductions to the city information, including a brief city history, the climate, transportation, cost of living, travelling destinations, and representative foods, all supported by official and other reliable sources.

Of course, you will also find trustworthy information about the teaching jobs of international schools, training centres, and kindergartens of these cities. You will develop a reliable impression on how much you can expect to earn in these cities. The data comes from TEACH IN CHINA: A Research Report on Foreign Teacher Salaries in 36 Major Cities, a report conducted by TopTutorJob.

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Teach in China

Over the last thirty years, the English teaching in China has grown from a field dominated by backpackers, university students on a gap year, etc. into a well-established industry that attracts many professional and experienced teachers.

A few years ago, it was still the case that any light-skinned person from a native speaking English country could get a teaching job that would pay for their apartment, food, basic entertainment, and allow some savings. Recruiters were also open to candidates from all sorts of backgrounds whether they had a bachelor's degree, or just a high school diploma. Many teachers were even recruited with forged credentials.

However, in recent times, things have changed drastically...

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Teach in a Tier 1 City

For the definition of city rank, please refer to TTJ's Glossary.

Tier 1 Cities are the largest cities with the largest population and the fastest economy development in China. In these cities, life is convenient and modern. Meanwhile, the huge education market makes a huge amount of job vacancies waiting for you.

Let's learn about these cities and how is it like teaching there.

Teach in a New Tier 1 City

For the definition of city rank, please refer to TTJ's Glossary.

New Tier 1 Cities are regional economic and cultural centres which are becoming more and more people's first choice of living and working in. In these cities, you can experience both the fulfilling life of modern metropolis as well as plenty of leisure time. The educational market is growing fast in these cities, and schools are expecting more foreign teachers.

Teach in Other Provincial Capital Cities

For the definition of city rank, please refer to TTJ's Glossary.

If you enjoy the leisure, cozy lifestyle with a lot of chances to communicate with the fascinating local culture, you must consider teaching in other provincial capital cities. These cities usually have a relatively smaller population, which means less crowded in transportation and more time to spend with nature. Many of these cities are catching up with the international education systems, and new international schools warmly welcome the foreign teachers.