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About the IB Education

The International Baccalaureate Organization (known as the IB) offers an education for students from age 3 to 19, comprising of four programs that focus on teaching students to think critically and independently, and how to inquire with care and logic. The IB prepares students to succeed in a world where facts and fiction merge in the news, and where asking the proper queries may be a crucial ability that may enable them to flourish long when they’ve left our programs.

What Is an IB World School

In order to offer 1 or more International Baccalaureate (IB) programs of education, schools must complete an authorization process. Once they have been authorized, they're known as IB World Schools.

Is IB American or British

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) was founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1968. This office is the home of the Legal & Compliance department and of Governance & Executive Support. The International Baccalaureate® has offices around the world. Assessment is managed by the IB Global Centre in Cardiff, the UK. There are 4 Global centers(Washington DC/Singapore/Hague/Cardiff), which carry out various tasks.

IB versus A-level

As one of the popular and well recognized education curriculum, Cambridge also provides a 2-year education program before students going to universities which is A-Level Program. The below are the similarities and differences between these IBDP and A-Level. They help students choose courses they should study before going to their ideal universities.

GeneralA 2-year program during a student's last two years of high school before universityA 2-year program during a student's last two years of high school before going to a university in the UK
Course DesignerInternational Baccalaureate Organization(IBO)Cambridge Assessment International Examination(CAIE)
Courses6 courses.  English Language/LiteratureLanguage Acquisition Individuals and SocietiesScienceMathematicsThe Arts or Other Elective55 courses
Table1: Comparing IBDP with A-Level

Benefits of the IB

The IB offers many benefits to teachers. IB teachers are given access to:

  1. High quality professional development that encourages critical thinking, self-reflection and dedication to lifelong learning and continuous improvement such as:
  • face-to-face workshops, in-school and at regional events
  • online workshops
  • blended learning
  1. Innovative and diverse education frameworks, unit planners, teaching resources and evaluation tools
  1. Certification and degree programs offered by highly respected universities worldwide:
  • Certificate in teaching and learning
  • Advanced certificate in teaching and learning research
  • Certificate in leadership practice
  • Advanced certificate in leadership research
  1. A pedagogy known to produce students who are motivated to continue inquiry and lifelong learning, beyond school study.

IB Schools in China


As the world’s most populous country with 1.4 billion citizens, China has witnessed a boom of international schooling of IB program. According to the IB schools TopTutouJob has been contacting with, most of them are centered in the modest cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and now with more tier 1 and 2 cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Qingdao.(See TopTutorJob job board to and search IB jobs)

There are 5396 IB schools all over the word. Among them are 199 IB World Schools in mainland China, including 120+ authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

IB versus A-level in China

There are 312 Cambridge schools registered in China which is way more than IB school registered in China. However, it doesn't mean A-Level is more welcomed between Chinese Students. It really depends on what universities that students want to join in the future. Students who intend to go to universities in the United Kingdom are more likely to study A-Level. However, if the student doesn't have a certain idea about which university to go attend, they may choose to study IB as it's well recognized all over the world.

IB School Jobs in China

General Requirements

To teach in an IB school in China, you should firstly meet the general requirements of teaching in China, then meet the requirements of teaching in an IB school which usually requires an IB certificate for the certain subject the teacher wants to teach.

General Payments

Below are the general benifits that an IB teacher would have by teaching in China:

  • Salary varies from 22,000- 30,000 RMB/month based on qualification and experience
  • School accommodation or House allowance provided
  • Flight reimbursed
  • Shipping Allowance
  • Pay review
  • Paid Vacations in winter/summer and other holidays based on national statutory holiday’s arrangement
  • Around 10 days of annual leave
  • Free Lunch in campus  
  • Full worldwide health insurance
  • On-board training
  • Children’s Tuition
  • Work visa provided

Getting an IB Certificate

IB educators lead the way in providing a comprehensive, international education for students. By incorporating the IB educator certificates into a professional development, both teacher and students will benefit from teaching and learning in ways that are oriented toward inquiry, research and project-based learning among many other things.

IB School List

Since new certificated IB schools are emerging all the time, please be sure to notice our latest update time of the list.

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Beanstalk International Bilingual Schools☆Beijing1998
Beijing Haidian International School☆Beijing2013
Beijing Huijia Kindergarten☆Beijing1999
Changwai Bilingual School☆Changzhou2012
Country Garden Silver Beach School☆Huizhou2015
EtonHouse International Schools☆Suzhou2003
Guangzhou Foreign Language School☆Guangzhou1963
Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua School☆Hangzhou1993
Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign Language School☆Hangzhou2013
Hangzhou Wickham International School☆Hangzhou2018
Ningbo Xiaoshi High School☆Ningbo2012
Nord Anglia International Schools☆Hongkong2014
Ningbo Huamao International School☆Ningbo2015
Overseas Chinese Academy Chiway☆Suzhou2016
QSI International School☆Shenzhen2001
Shandong Zibo Shiyan High School☆Zibo2009
Shanghai Jin Cai High School☆Shanghai2000
Suzhou Science and Technology Town Foreign Language School☆Suzhou2015
UWC Changshu China☆Changshu2015
Beijing City International SchoolBeijing2005
YK Pao SchoolShanghai2007
Dulwich College, BeijingBeijing2005
Shanghai Ivy SchoolShanghai2013
Guangya School at Luxehills International CommunityChengdu2008
UWC Changshu ChinaChangshu2015
Yew Chung International School of BeijingBeijing1995
Changwai Bilingual SchoolChangzhou2012
Shanghai American SchoolShanghai1912
Shanghai Singapore International SchoolShanghai1996
Canadian International School of Beijing (CISB)Beijing2005
Beijing Royal SchoolBeijing1996
Beijing BISS International SchoolBeijing1994
Beijing World Youth AcademyBeijing2001
Beanstalk International Bilingual School Beijing Chaoyang ChangyinBeijing1998
Beijing International Bilingual AcademyBeijing2006
Western Academy of BeijingBeijing1994
International School of BeijingBeijing1980
Keystone AcademyBeijing2014
Jincai High SchoolShanghai2000
Shanghai Liaoyuan Bilingual SchoolShanghai1992
Shanghai Community International School Hongqiao ECE CampusShanghai1996
Hong Qiao International SchoolShanghai1997
The Western International School of ShanghaiShanghai2006
Mingyuan Bilingual High SchoolShanghai2014
Alcanta International CollegeGuangzhou2011
Hangzhou International SchoolHangzhou2002
American International School of GuangzhouGuangzhou1981
Utahloy International School Guangzhou (UISG)Guangzhou1997
ISA International School of GuangzhouGuangzhou2014
Guangdong Country Garden School (GCGS)Foshan1994
International School of Nanshan ShenzhenShenzhen2002
Shekou International SchoolShenzhen1988
Shen Wai International SchoolShenzhen1990
Buena Vista Concordia International School, Shenzhen (BCIS)Shenzhen2011
International School of TianjinTianjin1994
Nanjing International SchoolNanjing1992
Chengdu Meishi International SchoolChengdu2002
Léman International SchoolChengdu2009
Changchun American International School (CAIS)Changchun2006
Changsha WES Academy(CWA)Changsha2009
Xiamen International SchoolXiamen1990
The International Department of Shude High SchoolChengdu1929
Beijing National Day SchoolBeijing2004
Daystar Academy (Sanlitun Campus)Beijing2017
Beijing Huijia Private SchoolBeijing1993
Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual SchoolShanghai1996
ECNU Affiliated Bilingual SchoolShanghai2015
Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary SchoolShanghai1993
Phoenix City International SchoolGuangzhou2003
Kang Chiao International School East China CampusSuzhou
Yew Chung International School of ChongqingChongqing2001
Nanjing Foreign Langauge SchoolNanjing1963
Overseas Chinese Academy of Chiway SuzhouSuzhou2016
Dulwich College, SuzhouSuzhou2007
Suzhou Science & Technology Town Foreign Language SchoolSuzhou2015
Yew Chung International School of QingdaoQingdao2006
Yew Chung International School of ShanghaiShanghai1993
New Oriental Stars KindergartenBeijing2007
New Oriental AcademyBeijing2010
Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua schoolHangzhou1993
Shanghai Shangde Experimental SchoolShanghai2003
Suzhou Singapore International SchoolSuzhou1996
The British School of Beijing (Shunyi)Beijing2003
Nantong Stalford International SchoolNantong2015
Dongguan Hanlin Experimental SchoolDongguan2004
Fuzhou Lakeside International SchoolFuzhou2012
Zibo Experimental High School International DepartmentZibo2009
The Affiliated Foreign Language School Of SCNU, GuangzhouGuangzhou2015
Oujing International KindergartenJinhua2008
Wellington College International TianjinTianjin2011
The British School of Beijing Sanlitun campusBeijing2003
Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle SchoolShanghai1996
The British School of Beijing, ShunyiBeijing2003
The British International School Shanghai, PuxiShanghai2004
Shanghai High School International DivisionShanghai1865
Nord Anglia International School | Shanghai, PudongShanghai2002
Shanghai Nord Anglia Chinese International SchoolShanghai2016
Nord Anglia Chinese International School NingboNingbo2018
Nord Anglia International School Hong KongHongKong2014
Shanghai United International School, Hongqiao CampusShanghai2003
Shanghai United International School, Shangyin CampusShanghai2001
Shanghai United International School, Gubei Secondary CampusShanghai2007
Wellington College International ShanghaiShanghai2014
Wellington College ChinaShanghai2014
Beanstalk International Bilingual School ChengduChengdu1998
Dulwich College, Shanghai PudongShanghai2003
Weiyu High School International DivisionShanghai2002
Beijing Chaoyang KaiWen AcademyBeijing2017
EtonHouse International School NanjingNanjing2016
Guangzhou International Primary School Huangpu ZWIEGuangzhou2003
Shenzhen Shiyan Public SchoolShenzhen1995
Oxstand International School ShenzhenShenzhen2004
Hangzhou Wickham International SchoolHangzhou2018
Peking University Experimental School (Jiaxing)Jiaxing2016
Country Garden Silver Beach SchoolHuizhou2015
Guangdong Shunde Desheng SchoolFoshan2001
Citic Lake Bilingual International SchoolFoshan2016
The Foshan EtonHouse International SchoolFoshan2016
Shenzhen Oriental English CollegeShenzhen1994
Suzhou Industrial Park Foreign Language SchoolSuzhou2011
Taicang Walton Foreign Language SchoolSuzhou2006
High School Affiliated to Nanjing Normal University Jiangning Campus International DepartmentNanjing2011
YueCheng Education CompanyBeijing2011
Canadian International School KunshanSuzhou2012
Shanghai Victoria Kindergarten (Pudong)Shanghai2005
Shanghai Victoria Kindergarten (Gumei)Shanghai2013
Shanghai Victoria Kindergarten (Xinzhuang)Shanghai1998
Shanghai Victoria Kindergarten (Xuhui)Shanghai2005
International Department High School Affiliated to Fudan UniversityShanghai1950
Shanghai Shixi High SchoolShanghai2013
The international Division of No.2 High School of East China Normal University (Zizhu Campus)Shanghai1999
U-Link College of ShanghaiShanghai 上海市2005
Utahloy International School ZengchengGuangzhou 广州市2003
Quality Schools International of ShenzhenShenzhen2001
International School of DongguanDongguan2012
Zhuhai International SchoolZhuhai2007
Canadian International School of HefeiHefei2014
Hefei Runan Boarding SchoolHefei1993
Beanstalk International Bilingual School KunmingKunming1998
Huaxi Country Garden School, GuiyangGuiyang2014
Beijing International Bilingual Academy (Tianjing)Tianjin2006
Glocal Elite International School, ZhengzhouZhengzhou2000
Jianye Little Harvard Bilingual School, ZhengzhouZhengzhou1997
Nanjing Beanstalk KindergartenNanjing1998
Overseas Chinese Academy of Chiway WuxiWuxi2018
Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign Language SchoolHangzhou2013
New Oriental Acdemy, BeijingBeijing2010
Huijia KindergartenBeijing1999
Xi'an Hanova International SchoolXi'an2012
Suzhou – EtonHouse International SchoolSuzhou2003
Nanwai King's College SchoolWuxi2018
Dalian Etonhouse International SchoolDalian2018
Wuxi No.1 High SchoolWuxi1911
Shanghai Qibao Dwight High SchoolShanghai2014
Guangzhou Nanfang International School (GNIS)Guangzhou2003
Tianjin Experimental High SchoolTianjin1923
Northeast Yucai SchoolShenyang1949
The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of ChinaBeijing1950
Beijing NO.80 High SchoolBeijing2002
Shenzhen Senior High School International DepartmentShenzhen1997
Zhengzhou Middle SchoolZhengzhou1997
Changjun High School International SchoolChangsha2002
Shanghai Foreign Language SchoolShanghai2016
Beanstalk International Bilingual School—Beijing ShunyiBeijing1998
Beijing Beanstalk International Kindergarten (Solana Campus)Beijing1998
Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language SchoolShanghai2015
Shanghai United International GroupShanghai1993
Quality Schools International of ChengduChengdu2002
The International School of RhodesSuzhou2019
Overseas Chinese Academy of Chiway, WuxiWuxi2018
China America International SchoolShenzhen2018
Jinan Thomas SchoolJinan2017
Kang Chiao International School Hefei CampusHefei2020
Nord Anglia School NantongNantong2019
Nord Anglia School Beijing, FangshanBeijing2018
Cogdel Cranleigh School ChengduChengdu2019
Guangzhou Foreign Language SchoolGuangzhou1963
HuZ International SchoolShenyang2018
High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University (International Division)Shanghai2006
Shanghai Community International School, Pudong CampusShanghai2009
Xi’an Liangjiatan International SchoolXi'an2004
Shenwai Longgang International SchoolShenzhen2017
Beanstalk International Bilingual School HaidianBeijing2019
Beanstalk International Bilingual School Upper East Side CampusBeijing2002
Beanstalk International Bilingual School Weihai CampusWeihai2020
Beanstalk International Kindergarten (Shunyi Tianzhu Campus)Beijing2016
Beanstalk  Kindergarten Haidian EYCBeijing2019
Beijing Beanstalk Kindergarten Yangshan CampusBeijing2012
Wuxi United International SchoolWuxi2013
Yew Chung Education FoundationHongKong1932
Yew Chung International School of Hong KongHongKong1932
International Department of Ningbo Xiaoshi High SchoolNingbo2012
Yushen Education GroupShanghai2000
Soochow Foreign Language SchoolSuzhou2018
Guangzhou International Primary School Baiyun ZWIEGuangzhou2009
Boston International SchoolWuxi2018
Daystar Academy (Beigao Campus)Beijing2002
Lanzhou Country Garden SchoolLanzhou2016
Lycée Français de Shanghai (Qingpu Campus)Shanghai1996
Lycée Français de Shanghai (Yangpu Campus)Shanghai1996
Beijing No. 55 High School International Students SectionBeijing1989
CBIS Bilingual International SchoolFoshan2015
Table: IB School List (Updated 10th Nov.)