Teach English in Changchun: The Complete Guide

Learn about the traditional industrial city in northeastern China and what to expect teaching here

Changchun at a Glance

Changchun could be pronounced as [ chahng-choo n ] (/'tʃa:ŋ'tʃun/). Changchun is home to a famous old industrial base, the earliest industry base and film production base in New China. Moreover, Changchun is also a cradle of industrial development such as rail car, photoelectric technology, applied chemistry, and biological products. It is also known as 'Oriental Hollywood'.

Changchun train station
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Where Is Changchun

Changchun is located at the heart of Songliao Plains in Northeast China. It is the central city of the Northeast Asian Economic Circle, which is also the political, economic and cultural center of Jilin Province. Meanwhile, it is 1000km away from Beijing.

Changchun location map

Population of Changchun

According to Changchun statistical bulletin of 2019 on national economy and social development, at the end of 2019, the total registered population of Changchun was 7,538,000. Among them, the urban population has a population of 4.451 million. The birthrate was 7.63‰, the death rate was 5.48‰, and the natural growth rate was 2.15‰. Additionally, there were 51 ethnic minorities in Changchun, with a permanent population of 328,000.

Weather in Changchun

From Weather China, the climate of Changchun is a temperate continental semi-humid monsoon climate type. In spring, there are strong winds, and the maximum wind speed can reach 30 meters per second. In summer, the southeast wind prevails with an average temperature of 21.9 degrees Celsius. In autumn, sunny and warm weather can linger for several days, the temperature difference is larger, and the wind speed is lower than that in spring. In winter, the weather is sunny and dry with an average temperature of minus 12 degrees Celsius. Because of the higher latitude, summer in Changchun is cooler than most cities in China, with the highest temperature in July; winter is relatively cold, with the lowest temperature in January.

According to Air Environmental Quality in 2019 by Bureau of Ecology and Environment of Changchun, the total monitoring days of ambient air quality throughout the year are 365 days, of which 306 days are good weather, and the good air quality rate is 83.8%. The Air Quality Index (AQI) in Changchun are generally moderate to good.

How to Get to Changchun

Changchun is an important railway hub city in the country and an important node city on the northern line of the "Belt and Road". In 2017, Changchun International Port and China-Europe Railway Express (Changchun-Hamburg) officially opened. In addition to railways, Changchun's aviation system is also developed.

Changchun Longjia International Airport, located in Longjia Street, Jiutai District, is a civil 4E-class airport. It was officially opened to air traffic in 2005. It is one of the four major international airports in Northeast China, with a total area of 213,000 square meters, 2 terminal buildings and 50 aircraft seats.

Changchun Longjia International Airport has realized the seamless connection of high-speed railway and airport. As of the end of 2017, Changchun Longjia International Airport had a total of 37 airlines operating 150 routes and 73 cities. It was initially formed as an air transportation network that spreads across the country. But now it is laid out to Northeast Asia and connects major countries in Southeast Asia and key cities in Russia.

If your point of departure is within China, it is recommended to take a high-speed rail or plane. Air travel is very convenient if you have to go overseas.

Changchun airport
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Teach in English in Changchun, Jilin

According to Changchun statistical bulletin of 2019 on national economy and social development, there are 1,505 educational schools of various types in Changchun (excluding kindergartens). Among them, there are 40 ordinary colleges and universities, 8 adult colleges, 93 secondary vocational schools, 74 ordinary high schools, 274 junior high schools, 1,006 elementary schools, 9 special education schools, and 1 work-study school. 1.37 million students and 93,000 full-time teachers work in schools of all levels and types. Additionally, there are 1,100 preschool education institutions in the city, including 828 independent kindergartens and 272 kindergarten institutions. There are 111 private inclusive kindergartens with 16,000 children in the kindergartens.

International Schools Jobs in Changchun

According to 'Changchun City&Salary 2020 Research Report', there are about 7 international schools in Changchun.

The most famous ones are

  • Changchun American International School
  • Changchun 52ND Habile Experiment Middle School

International schools job opportunities may account for 25% of all foreign teachers' job opportunities. The main job categories for recruitment are ESL teachers and subject teachers (science & engineering).

Kindergarten Jobs in Changchun

According to 'Changchun City&Salary 2020 Research Report', kindergarten job opportunities may account for 7% of all foreign teachers' job opportunities. The main job category for recruitment is the ESL teacher. The amount of Changchun International Kindergartens is relatively small, and there is only one registered in the TTJ. It is called Kid Castle Kindergarten, which introduces foreign teachers and organizes immersive pure American language education activities so that children can learn naturally in an English environment.

Training Centre Jobs in Changchun

According to 'Changchun city&salary 2020 research', seven training centers have been included in TTJ. Compared to international school and kindergarten, the amount of Job opening in training centers is the largest. Training centers jobs opportunities may account for 70% of all foreign teachers' job opportunities. The main job category for recruitment is the ESL teacher.

How Much Do You Get Paid to Teach in Changchun?

According to 'Changchun City&Salary 2020 Research Report',the average monthly basic salary of international schools in Changchun is the highest among the three school categories. International school jobs pay around ¥18,792 ($2,683) a month, and the average maximum monthly salary reaches ¥23,833 ($3,403). On the high end of the pay scale, an IGCSE A-level Biochemistry Science Teacher can be paid up to ¥32,000 ($4,570) a month.

Kindergartens and other early childhood education jobs pay lower than these international schools, with pay ranges in the ¥15,500 ($2,213) - ¥20,500 ($2,027) a month. On the low end of the scale, many jobs at training centers pay around ¥14,542 ($2,077) a month for a freshman teacher or an entry-level English teacher.

On the low end of the scale, many jobs at training centers pay around ¥14,542 ($2,077) a month for a freshman teacher or an entry-level English teacher.

Changchun ESL Job Requirements

According to 'Teach in China:36 Cities&Salaries 2020 Research Report', compared with ESL jobs in Tier 1 Cities, the standard of recruitment in Changchun is not very strict. ESL jobs in Changchun do not ask for applicants to be licensed teacher, but they prefer to choose who has teacher certifications. These jobs are more focused on the candidate's entry degree. Almost all positions look for candidates with a bachelor's degree.

Moreover, most international schools tend to select entry-level teachers who have 1-2 years of teaching experience. More than half training centers need English-native speakers, or whom English oral level at least at English native level. However, kindergartens do not have too many standards in these areas.

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Living in Changchun, China

First of all, Changchun has a lot of green areas and parks in the city, and the scenery is beautiful. The urban planning of Changchun started early. The overall style is comfortable, transparent and open.

Also, Changchun has sufficient historical and cultural heritages. Changchun attaches great importance to the protection of historical buildings and has a rich historical and cultural landscape.

Third, the people of Changchun are warm and friendly. They have faced and solved urban problems together many times. Fourth, Changchun has thriving sports and healthy lifestyle.

Finally, Changchun has complete infrastructure, convenient transportations, and developed entertainment and commerce. Most importantly, Changchun has low prices and housing prices. People in Changchun have low work pressure. Therefore, Changchun is suitable for living.

Things to Do in Changchun

There is a good range of outdoor and leisure activities available in Changchun all seasons including; race and skiing, skating, hiking and jogging.  

Sports: there are a spread of local gyms and outdoor and indoor sports venues to enjoy basketball, badminton, football, also Ping-Pong and swimming etc.、

Entertainment: there also are many cinema theatres, bowling alleys, karaoke, and other sorts of entertainment.

Shopping: there also are international supermarkets around the city like Wal-Mart and Metro (Metro is analogous to COSCO).

Cost of Living in Changchun

According to Expatistan, the living cost is much cheaper than Tier 1 Cities such as Beijing or Shanghai. It means living in Changchun allows more savings than other cities in China, and much more than in the West. According to 'Cost of living in Changchun', The local rental average cost of an apartment (one bedroom) in the city center is around ¥1,500 ($214).

Where to Live in Changchun

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Guilin Road, Chaoyang District is a popular area for foreigners. Some international bars, restaurants and stores are set up there. There are several western restaurants in top international hotels such as the Hyatt, the Shangri La and the Sheraton, that offer great value buffets.

Moreover, you can visit some excellent supermarkets there if you require one special ingredient or you just crave something that reminds you of home. OD Foreign Store and City Supermarket are both good choices.

Changchun Subway Map

Changchun subway map
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