Teach English in Fuzhou: The Complete Guide

Learn about the capital city of Fujian Province and what to expect teaching here

Fuzhou at a Glance

Fuzhou could be pronounced as [ fy-joh ][ˈfu:ˈdʒəu] in English. Fuzhou is a state-list famous historical and cultural city. It was first named 'Ye' in the Qin and Han dynasties and then changed its name to "Fuzhou" because of Mount Fu in the territory.

Fuzhou was founded in 202 BC and has long been the political center of Fujian in history. Fuzhou Mawei is the cradle of the modern Chinese navy and the birthplace of Chinese shipping culture; it has been awarded as China's Excellent Tourist City, The National Health City, Riverside Ecological Garden City, National Environmental Protection Model City, National Double Support Model city, National Civilized City and other titles.

Fuzhou City
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Where Is Fuzhou

Fuzhou is located on the southeastern edge of the Eurasian continent, at the mouth of the Minjiang River in the southeast coast of China. It is the capital of Fujian province, located in the middle east of Fujian Province, and across the sea from Taiwan Province. Moreover, it located at 25°15′~26°39′ north latitude, 118°08′~120°31′ east longitude.

Fuzhou location map
Fuzhou Location

Population of Fuzhou

According to Fuzhou statistical bulletin of 2019 on national economy and social development, the permanent population of Fuzhou (including Pingtan) at the end of 2019 was 7.8 million, accounting for 19.6% of the province's permanent population.

In 2019, the birth rate of the permanent population was 12.5‰; the death rate was 5.8‰; the natural growth rate was 6.7‰, and the urbanization rate reached 70.5%. Fuzhou has a majority Han population, which accounts for 98.69% of the city's total population. There are 43 ethnic minorities in the city, about 88,700, accounting for 1.32%. Additionally, there are more than 9,000 ethnic minorities in the urban area, mainly She, Manchu, and Hui.

Weather in Fuzhou

Fuzhou has standard temperatures. It is warm and humid, evergreen all seasons. It also has plenty of sunshine and rainfall without snow. Summers in Fuzhou are long, and winters are short. The annual average temperature is 20-25℃.

The average temperature from January to February is 6-10℃, and the average temperature from July to August is 33-37℃. The highest temperature is 42.3℃, and the lowest is -2.5℃. In 2013, Fuzhou became the first of the four major furnaces.

According to 2019 Fuzhou's environmental status report by Fuzhou Environmental Protection Bureau, in 2019, Fuzhou's comprehensive air quality index was 3.00. The number of days meeting the standard was 360 days, and the excellent and good rate reached 98.6%.

How to Get to Fuzhou

Fuzhou Changle International Airport is located in the east of Changle District. It is the main international airport in Fujian Province and one of the international ports of China's aviation.

There are 12 international routes. International Hong Kong and Taiwan routes include Angkor, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Jeju Island, Bangkok, Jakarta, Hong Kong and Taiwan, etc. The total number of incoming and outgoing flights is about 200 per day, basically from Fuzhou to an air traffic network that radiates across the country and extends to East Asia and Southeast Asia.

In addition to air transport, Fuzhou Station and Fuzhou South Station form one of the passenger transport hubs that are connected Beijing and Shanghai, the southeast coast, and the central and western regions.

Fuzhou airport
Fuzhou International Airport
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Teach English in Fuzhou, Fujian

The opening up and development of Fuzhou has been accelerating, and it has achieved the policy advantage of 'five districts superimposed'. It has also actively implemented grand plans such as going eastward and going south, 'Fuzhou on the sea', and the construction of Binhai New City. All of these provide opportunities for educational reform and innovation.

According to the 2018 Fuzhou Education Work Overview Report by Fuzhou Education Bureau, there are 2,518 schools of various levels and types in Fuzhou, with 1.69 million students and 120,000 faculty members.

Among them, there are 37 colleges and universities with 457,672 students and 29,159 faculty members; 49 secondary vocational schools with 84,331 students and 5,568 faculty members; 1212 ordinary primary and secondary schools with 869,762 students and 56386 faculty members; 1206 independent kindergartens.

International Schools Jobs in Fuzhou

According to 'Fuzhou City&Salary 2020 Research Report', international schools' job opportunities may account for 26% of all foreign teachers' job opportunities. The main job category for recruitment is the subject teacher (Humanities&Social Science).

There are about three international schools in Fuzhou. Among them, Rong Qiao Sedbergh School published job openings recently. It is an international bilingual school, which introduces the advanced educational concepts and teaching methods of the British Sedbergh School, the long-standing British college boarding system, and provides 15 years of consistent education from kindergarten to high school.

Kindergarten Jobs in Fuzhou

According to 'Fuzhou City&Salary 2020 Research Report', kindergarten job opportunities may account for 26% of all foreign teachers' job opportunities. The main job category for recruitment is the ESL teacher.

The amount of Fuzhou International Kindergartens is relatively small, and there are two registered in the TTJ system. The one that actively published job opening is called Kid Castle Kindergarten.

Fuzhou Kid Castle Kindergarten was officially opened in 2006. In order to provide children with a fun, enriching and more effective learning environment, Kid Castle Kindergarten hopes to create an education model that suits Chinese children from the first day of establishment. The education model combines the extensive and profound Chinese culture with the wisdom of Western culture, based on the foundation of Chinese children' s education, and absorbs the excellent Western educational concepts and achievements.

Training Center Jobs in Fuzhou

Compared with international school and kindergarten, the amount of Job opening in training centers is the largest. Training centers job opportunities may account for 47% of all foreign teachers' job opportunities. The main job category for recruitment is the ESL teacher.

How Much Do You Get Paid to Teach in Fuzhou?

According to 'Fuzhou City&Salary 2020 Research Report', the average monthly basic salary of kindergartens in Fuzhou is the highest among the three school categories. Kindergarten jobs pay around ¥18,792 ($2,683) a month, and the average maximum monthly salary reaches ¥21,125 ($3,017). On the high end of the pay scale, a homeroom teacher  can be paid up to ¥35,000 ($4,998) a month.

International schools' jobs pay lower than these kindergartens, with pay ranges in the ¥17,125 ($2,445) - ¥24,500 ($3,499) a month.

On the low end of the scale, many jobs at training centers pay around ¥16,719 ($2,387) a month for a freshman teacher or entry-level English teacher.

Fuzhou ESL Job Requirements

According to 'Fuzhou City&Salary 2020 Research Report', ESL jobs in Fuzhou prefer to choose foreign teachers who has teacher certifications (See TTJ's Glossary for definition), but teachers do not must be licensed teachers to be hired. These jobs are more focused on the candidate's entry degree. Almost all positions require candidates for a bachelor's degree.

Moreover, most international schools and kindergartens tend to select entry-level teachers with 1-2 years of teaching experience.

More than half of the training centers and kindergartens need English-native teachers, or whom English oral level at least at an English native level.

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Living in Fuzhou, China

The economic level of Fuzhou is increasing year by year, and the comprehensive strength of the city is getting stronger and stronger, but it still retains the ecological green space, always guarding the original intention for the city which are literature and art.

Today, Fuzhou retains both the traditional beauty and the bustling fashion of a modern city. As one of the cities with the highest forest coverage and the best air quality in China, it won the 'National Forest City', and a well-known tourist city.

Fuzhou City
Living in Fuzhou
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Things to Do in Fuzhou

Shopping: There are many types of department stores in Fuzhou: from expensive shops to cheap markets. The city has many luxury department stores, such as Rainbow Department Store, Oriental Department Store and Ocean Grand Department store, which are always good for splurging or window-shopping. These stores feature popular international brands and other high-quality goods. Meanwhile, Baolong City Plaza and Yonghui Supermarket are more budget-friendly shopping options in Fuzhou, and are suitable for daily shopping.

Parks: Fuzhou has an atmosphere of resorts. It has modern facilities, while retaining its unique southern charm, as well as many beautiful parks. Three popular ones are Zuohai Park, Xihu Park, and the Fuzhou National Forest Park.

Bars: Being one of the more open-minded cities in China, Fuzhou developed a healthy supply of bars early.

KTVs: Huanchang, A GOGO and Diyuan, three of the most popular venues.

Great Western Restaurants: The Matador, Classical Rose Garden, Bambino.

Fuzhou food
Fuzhou Food
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Cost of living in Fuzhou

According to 'Cost of living in Fuzhou', the local rental average cost of an apartment (one bedroom) in the city center is around ¥2,520.

Where to Live in Fuzhou

Three Lanes and Seven Alleys is a place where many foreigners are keen to stroll. On Erqi Road and Fuzhou Road, there are also many KTVs and bars popular with foreigners. Besides, you can also go to bars near the Fangtang KTV on Square South Road.

Three Lanes and Seven Alleys
Fuzhou Attractions
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Fuzhou Subway Map

Fuzhou subway map
Fuzhou Metro
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