Teach English in Shenyang: The Complete Guide

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Shenyang at a Glance

/ ˈʃʌnˈyɑŋ / Shenyang can be pronounced as [shuhn-yahng]. Shenyang is one of the most famous historical and cultural cities in China. Since the establishment of the 'Houcheng', it accumulated a history of more than two thousand years. In 1625, Houjing which is founded by Nurhachi moved its capital here and renamed it Shengjing. Eleven years later, Huang Taiji changed the name of the country to "Qing" and established the Qing Dynasty. After the Qing army entered the Pass in 1644, Beijing became the capital and Shengjing became the accompanying capital. Hence, Shenyang is known as "the birthplace of one dynasty, and the capital of two generations of emperors".

Where Is Shenyang

Shenyang is the largest city in Northeast China and the capital of Liaoning Province. Shenyang is located in central Liaoning which is the geographic center of Northeast Asia. It is between 41°48'11.75" north latitude and 123°25'31.18" east longitude.

This photo is a map of Shenyang’s geographical location.

Population of Shenyang

According to Shenyang Statistical Bulletin of 2019 on National Economy and Social Development, At the end of 2019, the city's permanent population was 8.322 million, with a registered population of 7.564 million. Among the household population, the urban population was 6.126 million.

Weather in Shenyang

Shenyang has four distinct seasons with temperature differences. Precipitation is mainly in summer. According to timeanddate, the wettest month is August with an average of 152.2 mm precipitation. The winter period is longer than other seasons, nearly six months, with less snow. January is the coldest month. The summer is shorter and rainy. The hottest month is July with a temperature of 28 °C on average. The temperature changes rapidly in spring and autumn with short durations. It is windy in spring and sunny in autumn.

How to Get to Shenyang

The distance between Shenyang and Beijing is around 623.84 km (387.63 miles).

This photo is a map about the distance from Shenyang to Beijing.

Shenyang is one of the railway hubs in Northeast China. Taoxian Airport is in the center of Shenyang Metropolitan Area. It is a shared airport for eight cities, 20 kilometers away from city center. Shenyang Taoxian International Airport has many domestic flights to major cities across the country.

According to Shenyang Metro, Shenyang Metro has four operating lines, namely: Line 1, Line 2, Line 9, and Line 10. All of them are underground lines with a mileage of 114 kilometers and 85 stations.

Teach English in Shenyang

At the end of 2019, there were 1,130 inclusive kindergartens in the city, accounting for 74.0%, inclusive kindergarten degrees accounted for 80.0%, and the city’s preschool enrollment rate was 96.8%. There are 279 primary schools with 404,000 students, and the gross enrollment rate of the primary school-age population is 119.9%. There are 303 general middle schools with 291,000 students; 30 general secondary schools with 47,000 students; 48 vocational high schools with 26,000 students.

There are 14 technical schools with 17,000 students. The proportion of junior high school graduates entering ordinary high school is 67.2%, and the gross enrollment rate of high school is 126.3%. There are 47 ordinary colleges and universities (including four independent colleges) in the city, enrolling 140,000 undergraduate and junior college students, 424,000 students, and 104,000 undergraduate and junior college graduates. Regular colleges and universities and scientific research institutions enroll 21,000 postgraduates, 61,000 postgraduates, and 15,000 graduate postgraduates.

International School Jobs in Shenyang

There are 10 international schools included in TTJ system such as

  • Huz International School
  • Quality School International of Shenyang
  • Shenyang Transformation Academy

Most of them use Advance Placement (AP), IB and A-Level curriculum. Some of them also combine international lessons with the local Chinese learning system. The categories of job openings in international schools are much more than in training centers and kindergartens. The job openings in international schools in Shenyang include many subject teachers such as Science&Engineering teachers, Humanities&Social Science teachers and Music&Arts teachers.

Kindergarten Jobs in Shenyang

There are mainly two job categories in Shenyang kindergartens open for foreign teachers. They are Homeroom Teacher and Kindergartener. Job openings for homeroom teachers account for around 29% while job opportunities for kindergarteners account for 71% in all recruitment opportunities for foreign teachers. The average salary for kindergarteners is around ¥12,500 ($1,786). Homeroom teachers' average salary is between ¥10,000 ($1,429) to ¥15,000 ($2,143).

Training Center Jobs in Shenyang

The demand for foreign teachers in training centers is relatively larger than in the kindergartens but less than in international schools. The main job category in training centers in Shenyang is ESL teachers. The average maximum salary can reach ¥18,750 ($2,679). Training centers would prefer to select ESL teachers with 1-2 years of experience. Freshmen are also acceptable and around 46% of job opportunities in from Shenyang training centers do not give details about the requirement for work experience.

How Much Do You Get Paid to Teach in Shenyang?

Type of schoolsMonthly basic salary range
Training Centers¥13,900-¥21,000 ($1986-$3000)
International schools¥18,143-¥24,036 ($2592-$3434)
Kindergartens¥15,857-¥21,375 ($2265-$3054)

According to ‘Shenyang City&Salary 2020 Research Report’, on average the salaries in international schools and kindergartens are higher than in training centers. The average salaries are respectively ¥17,450 ($2,943) in training centers, ¥21,089 ($3,013) in international schools, ¥18,616 ($2,659) in kindergartens.

Shenyang ESL Job Requirements

According to ‘Shenyang City&Salary 2020 Research Report’,

it is a must to have a bachelor's degree for all jobs in international schools, kindergartens and training centers.

Normally two years of working experience is required for international schools, kindergartens and training centers. Only several work opportunities require 3-5 working experience.

Whether an English native speaker is not necessary for most training centers as long as the applicant has fluent English, however, more than 85% kindergartens require native English speakers as their kindergarteners. As for international school, probably because they pay more attention to the teaching quality of the content such as science, engineering, humanities and social science, only half of the job openings require English native speakers.

Living in Shenyang, China

Living in Shenyang probably will give you more opportunities to experience Chinese tradition. The vegetation there is quite different. The Chinese spoken here is in harsher and heavier accents. Shenyang is the birthplace of the Manchu and Qing dynasty, and a large number of Manchus live in Shenyang. Furthermore, there is a lot of Korean cultural influence as well.

Things to Do in Shenyang

Tourist landscapes in Shenyang are rich and varied. Shenyang Imperial Palace, North Tomb (Zhaoling Tomb, East Tomb (Fuling Tomb), Former Residence of Zhang Zuolin and Zhang Xueliang, Shenyang Strange Slope Scenic Area, etc. are all famous tourist attractions in Shenyang.

Mukden Palace

Speaking of the Palace Museum, most people think of the imposing imperial palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Beijing. In Shenyang there is also a palace known as the Shengjing Imperial Palace. It is the imperial palace after Shenyang was established in the Qing Dynasty and before the capital was moved to Beijing. It is also known as the Shengjing Imperial Palace. Together with the Forbidden City in Beijing, there are the two existing palace complexes in China which are included in the World Cultural Heritage List. It contains many cultural relics. These cultural relics reflect the superb craftsmanship of the Chinese working people and the artistic style of the Qing dynasty and reflect the production craftsmanship of China during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. They have ornamental and research values.

This photo is about a tourist attraction in Kunming which is called “Mukden Palace”.
Photo from sohu

Yanko Dance

There are many local arts in Shenyang such as Shenyang Yangko Dance. It was originally a form of entertainment for the ancient Han people during the slack period. In the beginning, it was a means of earning a living by a small number of idle folk artists performing on the street and gradually turned into entertainment during festivals or temple fairs. It is bold, warm and cheerful.

This photo is about a local art in Shenyang which is called “Shenyang Yangko Dance”.
Photo from sina

Cost of Living in Shenyang

According to Numbeo, a single person averagely costs around ¥3788 ($514) per month without rent. The rent costs around ¥1,921 per month for an apartment with one room in Shenyang city center. The rent for an apartment with one room outside of the downtown area in Shenyang is around ¥1,471. The price of a meal in an inexpensive restaurant is roughly around ¥25 which is a good relative to a meal at McDonalds which costs around ¥35.

Where to Live in Shenyang?

In Shenyang, there are no typical areas where foreigners prefer to live. The places where there are more foreigners are mostly near universities where there are international students such as Liaoning University, Northeastern University, China Medical University. The other two are the consulate area on Shisanwei Road and Heping District.

Shenyang Subway Map

This photo is a map of Shenyang metro.
Photo from Shenyang Metro

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