Teach English in Taiyuan: The Complete Guide

Learn about the city with a rich history and what to expect teaching here

Taiyuan at a Glance

Taiyuan can be pronounced [tahy-yyahn] (IPA: /'taiju:'a:n/). It is the capital city of Shanxi province, northern China. Taiyuan, also known as "Bingzhou", is a city with a history of more than 2,500 years. Due to the long history, Taiyuan is rich in tourism resources, including Jinci Temple, Mengshan Mountain Buddha, Tianlongshan Grottoes, and Twin Pagoda Temple.

This city is also a famous military and cultural center in northern China as well as an important energy and heavy industrial base in China. Nowadays, Taiyuan has formed a well-established industrial system with energy, metallurgy, textile, electronics, medicine, and so on. With the advantages of scientific and research institutions, universities, and commercial material supply centers, the economy of this city has achieved rapid and steady development.

Where Is Taiyuan

Taiyuan is located in the middle of Shanxi province, in the north of Taiyuan basin, and the middle of the Yellow River basin. It has a latitude of 37°27'N to 38°25'N and a longitude of 111°30'E to 113°09'E. Taiyuan is situated in the southwest of Beijing, with a distance of 422 kilometers. 

the location of Taiyuan

Population of Taiyuan

By the end of 2019, there was a total population of 4,461,900 in Taiyuan, with 2,231,600 males and 2,230,300 females. In this year, 50,700 babies were born in Taiyuan, with a birth rate of 11.42‰. The density of the city is about 646 people per square kilometer.

Weather in Taiyuan

Based on Weather Spark, as Taiyuan belongs to the temperate continental climate, this city is characterized by rainy and hot in summer, and dry and cold in winter. The hot season, from May to September, lasts for about 4 months, while the cold season, from November to February, lasts for 3 months. During the whole year, the temperature of Taiyuan mainly varies from 11°F to 85°F. 

Besides, Taiyuan has 283 days with good or excellent air quality in 2019. Taiyuan ranks the 174th among 168 key cities in China.

How to Get to Taiyuan

By air

Taiyuan Wusu International Airport, located in Xiaodian District, the south of the city, connects Taiyuan with New York, London, San Francisco with a stopover in Beijing. This airport is around 16 kilometers from the city center. You can take the airport shuttle bus or bus No. 201 and No. 901 to the downtown.

By train

Taiyuan Railway Station, situated in Yingze District, can bring you to key cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. This station is 6.4 kilometers away from the city center, which takes about 35 minutes by bus.

Teach English in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province

According to Taiyuan Statistical Bulletin of 2019 on National Economy and Social Developmentby the end of 2019, there were 45 higher education institutions (including 22 higher vocational colleges), 91 high schools, 136 junior high schools, 448 primary schools, and 728 kindergartens.

International School Jobs in Taiyuan

According to 'Taiyuan City & Salary 2020 Research Report', there are seven international schools in Taiyuan, such as Taiyuan Foreign Language School, and Shanxi Cambridge International School. Apart from ESL teachers, international schools also demand subject teachers, such as maths and history. If you are good at a certain subject and intend to be a full-time subject teacher, you may find job opportunities in international schools.

Kindergarten Jobs in Taiyuan

There are not many kindergartens in Taiyuan that need foreign ESL teachers. But kindergartens, such as Hafuwo Kindergarten and Taiyuan Aobao Hills Kindy, have positions for foreign English teachers.

Take Taiyuan Aobao Hills Kindy as an example. Working as an ESL teacher in this kindergarten, you are responsible for the English course of children aged from 2.5 to 6 years old. You are expected to possess rich knowledge and a strong ability to express in English and reflect on your teaching in time. Besides, you need to be patient and actively play with children.

Training Center Jobs in Taiyuan

According to 'Taiyuan City & Salary 2020 Research Report', training centers mainly recruit ESL teachers. Apart from the branch schools of well-known training centers, such as Taiyuan English First, there are training centers of local brands. Take New Language Education for example. ESL teachers in this training center need to integrate Chinese and western curriculum systems and organize both English courses and related activities. Besides, teachers are expected to discuss with other teachers more often and promote their teaching.

How Much Do You Get Paid to Teach in Taiyuan?

Type of SchoolMonthly Basic Salary
Training Center¥10,250 ($1,464) to ¥19,375 ($2,767)
International School¥18,530 ($2,646) to ¥23,197 ($3,313)
Kindergarten¥11,333 ($1,618) to ¥15,333 ($2,190)

According to 'Taiyuan City & Salary 2020 Research Report', the average monthly basic salary of an ESL teacher is ¥14,813 ($2,117) in the training center, ¥20,863 ($2,981) in the international school, and ¥13,333 ($1,905) in the kindergarten. Among the above three types of school, you can get relatively higher pay as an ESL teacher in the international school.

Taiyuan ESL Job Requirements

In accordance with 'Taiyuan City & Salary 2020 Research Report', firstly, no matter what type of school you work in, holding a bachelor's degree is a must. Secondly, international schools require native English speakers while training centers and kindergartens can accept both native English speakers and non-native English speakers. Thirdly, two years of teaching experience is required by international schools and kindergartens, but freshman who has 0-1 year experience is acceptable in training centers.

Living in Taiyuan, China

Taiyuan is a city integrating history and modernization. For one thing, Taiyuan possesses various kinds of cultural heritage, such as Jinci Temple and Two Pagodas Temple, which allows you to enjoy the charm of Chinese culture. For another, entertainment and translation in Taiyuan are convenient. Huayu Shopping Center and Nangong Square are ideal places for shopping. One metro line is in operation and seven lines are under construction or planning.

Things to Do in Taiyuan

With a long history, Taiyuan has accumulated time-honored cultural heritage. Jinci Temple, integrating carving, stele, and garden, is hailed as a bright pearl of Chinese culture; Twin Pagoda Temple, built in Ming Dynasty, is one of masterpieces in the history of Chinese architecture; Longshan Grottoes, enshrining 66 stone sculptures, is the largest Taoist grottoes in China. If you want to learn about Chinese history, these places are not to be missed.

Jinci Temple
(Photo by Zhao Kai, from Trip.com Group)

When it comes to cuisine, Taiyuan is famous for its noodles, such as Shanxi oat noodles. This kind of noodles usually is arranged in the food steamer, which looks like a honeycomb. You just dip noodles in the vinegar or other sauces before eating.

Shanxi oat noodles
(Photo from Baidu)

Cost of Living in Taiyuan

According to Nomad List, For an ex-pat, the cost of living in Taiyuan is about ¥4,426 ($632) per month. If you rent an apartment with one bedroom in the city center, it costs ¥1,000 ($143) per month. 

Based on Expatistan, with regard to transportation, a monthly ticket public transport costs ¥71 ($10). When it comes to entertainment, a ticket to the theater with the best available seat costs about ¥250 ($36); one cup of Cappuccino in the ex-pat area costs ¥22 ($3); one month of gym membership in business district costs ¥274 ($39). 

As for food, 2 liters of coca-cola costs ¥250 ($36); 500ml domestic beer in the market costs ¥6 ($0.9). Having a basic meal (including one drink) in the business district costs ¥43 ($6). Overall, the cost of living in Guiyang is 36% cheaper than that in Beijing.

Where to Live in Taiyuan

If you have a preference for living in busy areas, Liu Lane, Changfeng Street, and Pingyang Road are great choices. Along these roads, you can find different kinds of restaurants, shopping centers, and pubs.

Liu Lane
(Photo from Trip.com Group)

Taiyuan Subway Map

Taiyuan Metro now has one line in operation with a total length of 32 kilometers and 24 stations. The other seven lines are under construction or planning. Detailed information about Line 1 is shown in the figure below.

Taiyuan subway map
(Photo from Urban Rail)

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