Teach English in Xi'an: The Complete Guide

Learn about the city with a rich history in China and what to expect teaching here

Xi'an at a Glance

Xi'an, pronounced as [shee-ahn] or shee-AN, is the largest central city in the northwest of China.  Xi'an, called Chang’an in ancient times, was designated as the ancient capital of 13 dynasties in ancient China. It is also the starting point of the Silk Road. 

Xi'an now is the capital of Shaanxi province as well as a New Tier 1 City in China, with the history and modernity coexist. It is the transportation hub as well as the open border, playing a significant role in One Belt One Road. 

In  Xi'an, you can enjoy the deep history as well as the modernized life and you can explore more than you imagine.

Where Is Xi'an

Xi'an is located in the northwest of China, in the middle of the Guanzhong Plain. It is in the west of Beijing. 

Map, the location of Xi'an
(Photo from Bing Map)

Population of Xi'an

The permanent resident population of  Xi'an is 10.2 million by the end of 2019, and the city's population density is 1,010 people per square km.

Weather in Xi'an

Located in the north of the Qinling Mountains-Huaihe River Line (China's north-south boundary), the weather in Xi'an is dry with the average precipitation of 18.6 mm per month and humidity of 67%. The temperature in there will drop below zero in winter. And in summer, the temperature will reach 33°C.

As for the air quality, in 2019, there were 265.3 days in Xi'an with good or excellent air quality.

How to Get to Xi'an

There is one international airport in Xi'an:  Xi'an Xianyang International Airport, which is one of the top ten airports in China. It is 25 kilometers away from the city center.

Besides, there are three railway stations:  Xi'an station,  Xi'an Nan station,  Xi'an Bei station. Among them, only  Xi'an Bei station is a high-speed rail station.

Xi'an is in the west of Beijing, the distance between the two cities is 913 kilometers (567 miles), which costs about two hours by airplane.

Xi'an International Airport
(Photo from Baidu)

Teach English in Xi'an, Shaanxi

Xi'an is the city of science and education, as well as enjoys an important position in the military industry. There are 63 universities and colleges, including seven military academies, and the comprehensive strength of science and education ranks third place in China. 

As the open border in the north-west of China, there are many job opportunities for the foreign teachers in Xi'an.

International School Jobs in Xi'an

The jobs of ESL teachers in an international school in Xi'an range from teaching in primary school to high school. The majority of the schools loosen restrictions on work experience(i.e zero to one year) but more emphasize on the teachers from an English speaking country.

Besides, a teaching certificate including TEFL/TESOL Certificate is a must in most international schools. For the degree, a minimum bachelor's degree is compulsory. 

According to our 'Xi'an City&Salary 2020 Research Report’, the average salary of ESL teachers in international schools in Xi'an is around ¥20,000($2,856), except the additional benefits including house or equivalent housing allowance, insurance, flight allowance, paid public holidays.

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Kindergarten Jobs in Xi'an

There are bilingual and international kindergartens in Xi'an, and many famous international kindergartens open their campus in Xi'an. The ESL teacher is still the most wanted teachers in kindergarten.

For becoming an ESL teacher in kindergartens in Xi'an, holding a minimum bachelor's degree is compulsory. Moreover, more than 60% of kindergartens in Xi'an want to hire an ESL teacher from an English-speaking country. However, the employers do not focus on the teachers' working experience, a freshman teacher(less than one year of working experience) is acceptable in more than half of the kindergarten in Xi'an. 

Last but not least, the ESL teachers in kindergarten should be positive and passionate with children, and they are not limited in teaching language, but also need to instruct students and meet students' varying needs and interests.

Training Center Jobs in Xi'an

Several well-known training centers open their chapters in Xi'an, for example, EF (Education First), and there are a large number of local training centers. Almost all of the education centers need ESL teachers.

For local training centers, they do not emphasize on working experience, and less than one year experience is acceptable. For chain brand education centers, some require one to two years of working experience. However, with respect to the nationality of the English teachers, the overall demand for native English-speaker are lower compared to the tier one city. 

How Much Do You Get Paid to Teach in Xi'an?

For ESL teachers in Xi'an, the average salary in international schools ranks first, and training centers and kindergartens are about the same level.

To see the more about the average salary, please scroll down to unlock our Xi'an City&Salary 2020 Research Report. 

Type of SchoolMonthly Basic Salary
Training Center¥11,167($1,574)- ¥16,800($2,397)
International School¥16,500($2,355)-¥23,000($3,282)

Xi'an ESL Job Requirements

According to TTJ 'Xi'an City&Salary 2020 Research Report', the minimum bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite for all the teachers in international schools, training centers, and kindergartens. 

In Xi'an, the schools do not have a strict requirement for the teachers' nationality, that means, if you have a good or standard accent, there are still many opportunities for you. 

Less than one-year working experience is acceptable in most schools.

Last but not least, you should hold the no criminal record.

Live in Xi'an, China

Xi'an is a city full of history, you can visit numerical historical sites and museums. However, the city is beyond history. You can enjoy various delicious street food and explore snacks and treats at every turn of the street.

To sum up, in Xi'an, you can discover more than you have expected.

Things to Do in Xi'an

When coming to Xi'an, you cannot miss visiting the various historical sites here. As the ancient capital of 13 dynasties in ancient China, in Xi'an, you can learn all the history of China.

One of the most famous and brilliant tourist attractions in Xi'an is the Terracotta Warriors. Terracotta Warriors, which is made up of more than eight thousand figures, was ordered by the first emperor of China’s first unified dynasty, Qingshihuang, during the Qin Dynasty, which is about two thousand years ago. The figures are with vivid and different facial experiences, and their average height is 1.8 meters.

Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an
(Photo from Bing)

As one of the city's landmark buildings, Xi'an Bell Tower is also a place that you cannot miss. It was built during the Ming Dynasty a thousand years ago, and it is the largest and most well-preserved bell tower left over from ancient China.

Xi'an Bell Tower
(Photo from China Daily)

With respect to eating,  Xi'an is famous for its delicious street food and the variety of its cuisine. You can find snacks and treats at every turn of the street. 

Known as the "Chinese hamburger”, Xi'an marinated meat in baked bread (Roujiamo) is a snack with a long history and famous home and abroad. The juicy meat combined with Baiji bread, and the fragrant bread and soft meat create an unforgettable memory for people. 

Xi'an marinated meat in baked bread (Roujiamo);Xi'an snack
(Photo from Bing)

Cost of Living in Xi'an

The average cost of a family (four people) is ¥12,233($1,748) without rent. If you are single, the cost decreases to ¥3,378($483). 

As for the rent, rent cost in  Xi'an is much lower than that in Shanghai. A single apartment with one bed in the city center costs around ¥1,950($279), while with three-bedroom costs about ¥3,750($536)

Where to Live in Xi'an

Xi'an has eleven districts and two counties (cities). Among them, Lianhu, Xincheng, Beilin, Yanta, Weiyang, Baqiao District are the center of the city.

Xi'an Subway Map

There are 5 subway lines (line1, 2, 3, 4, and Airport Intercity Line) that are in operation by September 2019, with 107 stations and total operating mileage of 161.46 km. And total 12 lines will be on operation before 2025.

Xi'an metro map
(Photo from Bing)

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