Teach English in Yinchuan: The Complete Guide

Learn about the capital city of Ningxia Autonomous Region and what to expect teaching here

Yinchuan at a Glance 

Yinchuan (pronunciation [jin'tʃwɑ:n]) is the capital of Ningxia Autonomous Region and the political, economic, cultural, scientific and technological centre of the Autonomous Region.

Yinchuan has a unique location which is neither east nor west. Therefore, Yinchuan is capable of connecting the east part of China to the west and the north to the south. The climate is neither cold nor hot. The terrain here is open and flat with four distinct seasons. The elevation of Yinchuan is between 1100 and 1200 meters above sea level. The scenery and landscape of both desert and water town are radiant with each other.

Yinchuan has a long history and an inclusive culture. It was built in 112 BC and has a history of more than 2,100 years. Located in the northwest, Yinchuan is a crucial place to be captured and heavily fortified by the military commanders of all dynasties throughout the ages. Here are dinosaur fossils dating back 160 million years, ancient human life site of 30,000 years ago. In 1038 AD, the western Xia dynasty was founded here. Today, the tomb of the Western Xia at the foot of Helan Mountain attracts the attention of the world.

Where Is Yinchuan

Yinchuan is in the Northwestern District of China and the capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. 

The distance from Yinchuan to Beijing is 552 miles and the distance from Yinchuan to Shanghai is 1138 miles.

location of Yinchuan on map
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Population of Yinchuan

According to Yinchuan Statistical Yearbook 2019, the population of Yinchuan is 2,237,976 by 2018. The population density is 249 people per square kilometre. 

Weather in Yinchuan

Yinchuan has 324 days with good or excellent days in 2019.

Yinchuan has a temperate continental climate. The rainfall is relatively rare but the sunshine is ample. The four seasons are distinct: the spring is late, the summer is short, the autumn comes early and the winter is long. The temperature difference between day and night is huge. The evaporation is strong with plenty of winds and sand. 

How to Get to Yinchuan

By Train

Yinchuan Railway Station is located on the Bao-Lan Railway and is linked to the most of coastal main ports.

By Air

Yinchuan Hedong Airport is situated in the Lingwu County and 19 kilometres to the downtown. The airport is linked to more than 50 domestic and international cities. 

Yinchuan Airport
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Teach English in Yinchuan

According to Yinchuan Statistical Yearbook 2019, there are 200 primary schools and 79 secondary schools by 2018. According to the yearbook, Yinchuan will run education to the satisfaction of people. It will deepen education cooperation with Beijing and accelerate the implementation of the 'Internet plus Education Plan' and the 'Education Informatization 2.0 Action'. It will improve the distribution of educational resources, advance the three-year plan for preschool education, and build 11 new kindergartens, bringing the kindergarten coverage rate to 78 percent. 

Yinchuan will promote the balanced development of high-quality compulsory education and the characteristic development of senior high school education, deepen the cooperation between schools and enterprises in vocational education and the integration of industry and education. 

Yinchuan will review and rectify illegal activities in running schools, strengthen the standardized management of privately-run schools, and promote the orderly and healthy development of them. It will carry out a number of primary and secondary school construction projects, making great efforts to put kindergartens and primary schools of Beijing Normal University into operation. 

International School Jobs in Yinchuan

Yinchuan has several international departments in public school such as the International Department of Yinchuan No.1 High School established in 2012, the International Department of Yinchuan No.2 High School established in 2009 and the International Department of Huiming School established in 2006. These international departments has Advanced Placement curriculum, A-level and other international programs. 

Kindergarten Jobs in Yinchuan

There are few kindergarten jobs for foreign teachers in Yinchuan. The difference between public kindergartens and international kindergartens are multifaceted. International kindergartens adopt bilingual or English instruction. Besides, the size of the class in international kindergartens is much smaller than public school and the pupil to teacher ratio is lower. The bilingual settings are more likely to lay a solid foundation for their further learning in English. 

Training Centre Jobs in Yinchuan

There are more job opportunities in the training centre in Yinchuan. There are Longre training centres and New Channel training centres.

Living in Yinchuan

Yinchuan is one of the most famous historical and cultural cities in China. There are numerous natural landscapes and cultural resources in Yinchuan. Living in Yinchuan, you could enjoy the rivers, lakes, mountains and desert and experience the exotic charm.

Things to Do in Yinchuan

Sand Lake Scenic Resort

Sand Lake Scenic Resort, with the natural landscape as the main body and sand, water, reed, birds and mountain as the organic combination of five landscape sources, is the national AAAAA tourist attraction.

It is a tourist attraction on the post station of Silk Road, which integrates the beauty of Jiangnan water town and the vigour of the northern desert. The main scenic spots are Shahu International Sand Sculpture Garden, Bird Island (Bird Paradise), Hudong Wetland (Bird Observation Station), Xinmen District Square and Shahu Inscription Stone.

sand lake
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Western Xia Imperial Tombs

Western Xia Imperial Tombs are located in the west of Yinchuan, adjacent to the Helan Mountain in the west and Yinchuan Plain in the east, with an altitude of 1,130m to 1,200m. It is one of the largest existing imperial tombs and the most complete ground site in China, as well as the largest existing site of Western Xia culture. 

Each imperial mausoleum is a separate building complex, which stretches from north to south its scale is similar to that of the Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty. The imperial tombs have not only absorbed the advantages since the Qin Dynasty but also been influenced by Buddhist architecture. Therefore, it constitutes a unique form of Chinese cemetery architecture and is known as the Eastern Pyramid.

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Cost of Living in Yinchuan

According to NUMBEO,

  • Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant: ¥20.00 ($3)
  • Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course: ¥100.00 ($14)

Where to Live in Yinchuan

It is recommended to live in the downtown such as Jinfeng District.

In the shopping malls, you could not only buy the delicate souvenir but also local traditional handicrafts. In addition, you could enjoy the traditional performance in local parks at night. 

Yinchuan Subway Map

Yinchuan subway has 1 line and 8 stations. The ultimate Yinchuan Metro System are scheduled to have 7 lines.

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