Suzhou International Academy, BFSU | “How Did We Act on Coronavirus?”

Suzhou International Academy, BFSU | “How Did We Act on Coronavirus?”

About the School

Suzhou International Academy (SIA), BFSU, is a full-time international school established under the cooperation among the Wujiang People’s Government of Suzhou, Beijing Foreign Studies University, and TIANWU Group, integrating five divisions: kindergarten, primary, junior high, senior high, and international. Located at the Suzhou Bay of Tai Lake, SIA is known as the Eton in China, the PASS base of BFSU, a model school featured in foreign languages and the benchmark of international schools around Yangtze River Delta. If you want to find one of the job opportunities, you can submit the CV on the homepage or submit the application directly on the Job Board.

Actions on Coronavirus

Active Action and Scientific Deployment

Beijing Affiliated School of Suzhou under SIA decided to close the campus in response to the outbreak of COVID-19 during Spring Festival holiday in 2020, and had made emergency plans. It contributes to effectively cut off the spread of the epidemic, curb the spread of the epidemic, and protect the health and safety of every teacher and student.

The school held a video conference in time to implement the requirements of the superior department, improve the prevention and control emergency response plan, and on the basis of the establishment of the prevention and control work leading group and the medical team, the Beijing Affiliated School of Suzhou established a joint epidemic prevention and control group and an epidemic prevention and control information group. 8 special working groups of prevention and control materials guarantee group, campus environment remediation group, “leave school without leaving school” guidance group, epidemic prevention and control emergency group, epidemic prevention and control publicity group and epidemic prevention and control supervision group, clarify responsibilities and refine the division of labor , Unified coordination of school epidemic prevention and control work.

The school administration takes turns on duty at the school and stands by at any time to ensure the effective implementation of the relevant measures for the prevention, control and prevention of the epidemic.

Take Multiple Measures to Comprehensively Prevent and Control

In the early stage of the development of the epidemic, the school’s logistics support department has formulated detailed security and disinfection work. All foreign personnel are not allowed to enter the campus. In special circumstances, body temperature is required, and registration is required to enter the school. Cleaning will disinfect the campus public area and classroom every day Personnel must wear masks throughout. The school strictly implements the daily report of epidemic situation, daily disinfection report, and epidemic prevention and control materials reporting.

The school actively promotes “Prevention of New Coronavirus Science Knowledge” on WeChat public account and other platforms, so that students, parents and teachers can have a deeper understanding of the epidemic knowledge, so as to achieve effective prevention and control. Teachers actively push the prevention and control epidemic information to everyone through the class group and WeChat group, so as to improve their prevention and control awareness.

The School Psychological Counseling Office has also developed a health guidance tipto understand relevant psychological knowledge and help you to make psychological adjustments in a critical period.

Suspension of Classes Immediately, “House” Instead of “Barren”

Along the spread of COVID-19, the school was postponed. How to settle the students who have super long winter vacation? What about learning? Beiwai Suzhou Affiliated School actively responds to the Ministry of Education’s call to “stop classes without stopping”, effectively conducts online learning and independent learning, and does its utmost to reduce the impact of the epidemic on students’ academics, so that students “home” instead of “barren”, ” “Home” can also learn!

Suspension of classes: Non-stop learning ability is the core competitiveness of students in the future. In order to help students improve the efficiency of autonomous learning, the school has developed an online self-learning guidance program.

Each grade and subject preparation group has developed a detailed learning schedule and curriculum, using CCTALK software to establish a grade classroom online, and the school ’s international high school also uses the English version of the Nail Platform to facilitate foreign professors.

Similarly, Ningbo Foreign Language School has its own way of facing the new coronavirus.

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