Cambridge Schools in China

Find out more about Cambridge-certified schools in China and what to expect working there

What Is a Cambridge School?


Cambridge School is a general term for schools accredited by CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education), University of Cambridge's international assessment department, or Cambridge International for short. Before 2017, it was also called CIE (Cambridge International Examinations). The Cambridge Examinations Committee, affiliated to Cambridge University’s Examinations and Evaluation Institute, is a direct department of Cambridge University. This also makes CAIE the largest international qualification certificate issuing agency under the world's leading universities. Besides CAIE, there is another academic awarding body which brings University of Oxford together became OxfordAQA, it occupies the largest market share, which is nearly half of the market in the UK; however, it did not enter into China until May 2015. 


CAIE provides comprehensive education services of Cambridge courses, teaching and assessment for 5-19 years old. Among them, rich curriculum syllabus, multi-faceted teacher support, professional assessment, consistency and coordination of the three. This reflects the professionalism and advantages of Cambridge in education. The reason for the name change in 2017, therefore, was to reflect the work and philosophy of the organization more accurately, not just limited to examinations.

Facts and Figures

  • Cambridge Assessment International Education is the world’s largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications for 5 to 19 year olds.
  • Over 10,000 schools in more than 160 countries offer Cambridge programmes and qualifications.
  • Every year, nearly a million Cambridge learners prepare for their future with an education from Cambridge International.

What Are Cambridge Programmes?

Cambridge Primary  

The Cambridge Primary School curriculum designed by CAIE is aimed at 5 to 11 year olds and provides six years of primary education, aiming to cultivate young learners who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and involved.

Cambridge Primary Schools develop skills in ten subjects including English, Mathematics and Science. Cambridge helps to schools provide a broad and balanced curriculum that suits their backgrounds, cultures and spirit.

Cambridge Lower Secondary

Cambridge Lower Secondary provides three-year junior high school education for students aged 11-14. Develop skills in ten subjects, including English, mathematics and science. The subjects build upon those of the primary school curriculum, while the content becomes more challenging.

Cambridge Upper Secondary 

Cambridge Upper Secondary is suitable for students aged 14-16. It provides two ways for learners: Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge O Level.

IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)

IGCSE is a two-year junior high school curriculum for students aged 14-16. It has laid a good foundation for the next stage of AS and A Level, or other advanced courses.

IGCSE provides more than 70 subjects, including 30 languages. The school can provide courses according to the students' needs in the school. Students are required to take 5-14 subjects. The core subjects are English, Mathematics and Science. Other subjects can be selected according to the interests of the students and their university aspirations.

Cambridge O Level

O Level stands for ‘Cambridge Ordinary Level.’ It is an internationally recognized qualification equivalent to Cambridge IGCSE and the British GCSE, providing learners with excellent preparation for Cambridge advanced courses and other advanced courses. 

O Level courses emphasize a broad and balanced study of a wide range of subjects, and offer more than 40 subject choices, aiming to cultivate learners' skills in creative thinking, inquiry and problem solving. The assessment focuses on writing and reading and more restricted practical test options.

Cambridge Advance

The advanced courses offered by Cambridge are mainly A-Level, as the Pre-U course was officially announced to be cancelled on November 8, 2019. The official document stated that only a few schools used it, which made the course unable to continue to operate.

Cambridge International A-Level

Cambridge International's AS & A Level is an advanced high school programme, helping thousands of young people successfully enter the world's top universities. It is for students aged 16-19. Its achievements are widely recognized around the world, and it can serve as a pass to enter Oxford, Cambridge and the Ivy League University in the United States, as well as being recognized by more than 600 universities in the United States and all UK universities.

Cambridge International A-Level is typically a two-year programme, and Cambridge International AS Level is typically one year. Some subjects can be started as a Cambridge International AS Level and extended to a Cambridge International A-Level.                                               

Cambridge International AS and A-Level provides 55 courses. The subject groups are shown below.

Social ScienceThe ArtsGeneral Studies
Table1: Cambridge International AS & A Level subject groups

This flexibility means that the school can establish a personalized curriculum system where students can choose their own subject areas.

In addition, Cambridge Advance also provides AICSE Diploma and IPQ courses for students.

What does Cambridge International Education provide for Schools and Teachers? 

Support for Schools

When a school joins Cambridge International, the organization will provide extensive support to ensure that they have all the tools they need to proceed. For example, CAIE provides free marketing support resources for schools, such as posters, presentations, logos, a template press release, photos and so on. It also delivers professional training and development for teachers, exam officers and leadership.

Training for Teachers

Cambridge International firmly believes that supporting the professional development of teachers also means improving the quality of learners. High-quality training and reflective practice are an important part of a teacher’s professional life.

CAIE provides teachers with many different training and professional development opportunities according to their experience and needs, divided into three categories: introductory training; extension training; and enrichment professional development. The key information is shown below.

Cambridge School Jobs

According to the recent job openings via TopTutorJob, IGCSE and A-level English literature, Social Studies(History, Humanity, Geography, Psychology and etc), Mathematics, General Science(Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Art, Music, PE, STEM/STEAM are some of the most common subjects for Cambridge Schools in China. 

Please check out the TopTutorJob Job board for further information about available job opportunities.

General Requirements and Benefits for Teachers

IGCSE and A-Level are the most well-known courses in the Chinese K-12 Education Market. Over 20 of Top Cambridge schools are hiring with TopTutorJob. TTJ summarised the general requirements and benefits for the teachers who are interested in jobs with Cambridge accredited schools.

General Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or above in a relevant major;
  • Relevant subject majors or teaching credentials is preferred;
  • Minimum 2 years’ verifiable IGCSE/A-Level subject teaching experience;
  • Working experience in K-12 school is preferred;
  • Good team player and solid communication skills;
  • Cross cultural awareness

General Benefits

  • Competitive salary commensurate with experience and overall qualifications(20,000RMB-30,000RMB)
  • Free, fully furnished on-campus dormitory or housing allowance
  • International airfare allowance
  • Work Permit sponsorship
  • Medical check and visa fees coverage
  • Comprehensive medical insurance
  • Paid national holidays
  • Free school placement for dependent children
  • Opportunities for professional development

Please note, different accredited Cambridge schools may have slightly different requirements and benefits.

How to Find a Cambridge School in the World/China? 

Recognise a Cambridge School 

CAIE provides certificates and wall plaques for registered Cambridge schools. This confirms their status as a Cambridge school. CAIE also provides Cambridge schools with a customer logo to reflect what kind of customer they are. They can use this logo in their communications, such as brochures, websites, advertisements, and posters.

Only organizations registered with CAIE can use customer logo. It investigates all reports of unauthorized or improper use of the CAIE logo. If you think a school or organization uses the logo without their permission,  please contact them at [email protected].

Cambridge Schools in China

There are more than 10,000 Cambridge schools in over 160 countries worldwide and  312 registered centres in China

Cambridge School List

Please be sure to check the latest update time of the list, since it may change through the time.

Tips: Copy the name of the school and use School Search to find more information about more about the school.

NameCityFound Year
Beijing Xin FuXue International AcademyBeijing2016
Cixi Wengu Foreign Language SchoolNingbo2018
Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign Language SchoolHangzhou2013
Soochow Foreign Language SchoolSuzhou2018
Wuhan Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan SchoolWuhan2015
Changshu International SchoolSuzhou2011
Fettes College GuangzhouGuangzhou2020
International Department of Ningbo Xiaoshi High SchoolNingbo2012
Suzhou International Academy. BFSUSuzhou2015
YK Pao SchoolShanghai2007
Adcote SchoolShanghai2018
Agile Bilingual SchoolHaikou2017
AIDI International SchoolBeijing1999
Beijing 21st Century International SchoolBeijing1993
Beijing Bacui Bilingual SchoolBeijing2004
Beijing Changping Xinxuedao Linchuan International SchoolBeijing2012
Beijing Chaoyang KaiWen AcademyBeijing2017
Beijing Haidian Kaiwen AcademyBeijing2016
Beijing International Bilingual AcademyBeijing2006
Beijing International Bilingual Academy (Tianjing)Tianjin2006
Beijing Jianhua Experimental SchoolBeijing1993
Beijing Limai sino-American (International) School Hainan Old City CampusHaikou2018
Beijing Luhe International AcademyBeijing2005
Beijing National Day SchoolBeijing2004
Beijing New Talent AcademyBeijing1995
Beijing NO.80 High SchoolBeijing2002
Beijing Royal SchoolBeijing1996
Beijing Shida High SchoolBeijing2001
Beijing World Youth AcademyBeijing2001
Boston International SchoolWuxi2018
Britannia International SchoolGuangzhou2017
Britannica International School, ShanghaiShanghai2013
CBIS Bilingual International SchoolFoshan2015
Changsha Country Garden Venice Bilingual SchoolChangsha2007
Changsha WES Academy(CWA)Changsha2009
Chengdu Experimental Foreign Languages SchoolChengdu1963
Chengdu Experimental Foreign Languages School West CampusChengdu2002
Chengdu Shishi High SchoolChengdu2018
China-Hong Kong English SchoolZhongshan1994
Chongqing Nankai Middle School International LessonChongqing1936
Chongqing No.1 International Studies SchoolChongqing2003
Confucius International School QingdaoQingdao2009
Country Garden Ouzhou City SchoolChuzhou2020
Country Garden Panpuwan SchoolFoshan2015
Country Garden Silver Beach SchoolHuizhou2015
Dulwich College, BeijingBeijing2005
Dulwich College, Shanghai PudongShanghai2003
Dulwich College, Shanghai PuxiShanghai2016
Dulwich College, SuzhouSuzhou2007
Dulwich International High School, SuzhouSuzhou2012
Dulwich International High School, ZhuhaiZhuhai2010
Fujian Quanzhou Foreign Language Middle SchoolQuanzhou2001
Guangdong Country Garden School (GCGS)Foshan1994
Guanghua AcademyShanghai2017
Guangwai Foreign Language School ZhaoqingZhaoqing2012
Guangwai Zengcheng Experimental SchoolGuangzhou2018
Hangzhou Experimental Foreign Language SchoolHangzhou1995
Hefei Guanghua SchoolHefei2000
Hefei World Foreign Language SchoolHefei2000
Heshan Country Garden SchoolJiangmen2010
High School Affiliated to The University of Nottingham Ningbo ChinaNingbo2016
Huaian Country Garden Tianshan Bilingual SchoolHuai'an2017
Huanan Country Garten SchoolGuangzhou2002
Huanggang High School Guangzhou BranchGuangzhou2011
Huanggang Middle School--Guangzhou SchoolGuangzhou2011
Huaxi Country Garden School, GuiyangGuiyang2014
International Department of Affiliated Middle School of Henan Normal UniversityXinxiang2010
International Department of British Experimental Academy of PingxiangPingxiang2014
International Department of Qingdao No.2 Middle SchoolQingdao1925
International Department of Qingdao No.2 Middle SchoolQingdao1925
International Department of Quanzhou No.5 Middle SchoolQuanzhou2011
International Department of SSDFZXi'an2009
International Department of The Affiliated School of Xiamen Institute of TechnologyXiamen2017
International Department of Tung Wah High School (Dongcheng Campus)Dongguan2001
International Department of Yichun Foreign Language SchoolYichun2017
International Department of Zhenhai High SchoolNingbo2008
International High School China-UK College ShenzhenShenzhen2014
Jining Confucius International SchoolJining2009
Junhwa International SchoolJinhua2018
Jurong Country Garden SchoolZhenjiang2013
Kaiping Country Garden SchoolJiangmen2018
Kunshan Campus of Suzhou Foreign Language SchoolSuzhou2018
Laian Country Garden Foreign Language SchoolChuzhou2015
Lanzhou Country Garden SchoolLanzhou2016
Limai Chinese American (International) SchoolBeijing1995
Liuli International SchoolBeijing2008
Liyang Foreign Language SchoolKaifeng2003
Majestic International CollegeFoshan2016
Malvern College ChengduChengdu2015
Malvern College QingdaoQingdao2012
Merchiston International School, ShenzhenShenzhen2018
Mon AcademyHandan2019
Nanhai Foreign Language SchoolFoshan2014
Nanjing Dongshan Foreign Language School International DepartmentNanjing2003
Nanjing Experimental International SchoolNanjing1992
Nanjing Foreign Langauge SchoolNanjing1963
Nanjing Foreign Language School Yuhua International AcademyNanjing2019
Nanjing Hankai AcademyNanjing2016
Nanjing Jinling High SchoolNanjing1888
Nanjing Normal University Suzhou Experimental SchoolSuzhou2015
Nanjing Shuren Experimental AcademyNanjing2018
Nanjing Times CollegeNanjing2018
Nanning No.2 High SchoolNanning1906
Nanshan Chinese International SchoolShenzhen1999
Nantong Chongchuan Foreign Language SchoolNantong2011
Nantong Stalford International SchoolNantong2015
Nanwai King's College SchoolWuxi2018
Ningbo Guanghua SchoolNingbo1995
Ningxiang Country Garden SchoolChangsha2014
No.1 Middle School Affiliated To Central China Normal UniversityWuhan1950
Nord Anglia International School | Shanghai, PudongShanghai2002
North America International SchoolShanghai2017
North Cross School ShanghaiShanghai2011
Overseas Chinese Academy of Chiway SuzhouSuzhou2016
Overseas Chinese Academy of Chiway WuxiWuxi2018
Peking University Tongwen School JinzhouJinzhou2018
Phoenix City International SchoolGuangzhou2003
Qingdao Galaxy International SchoolQingdao1993
RDFZ King’s College HangzhouHangzhou2018
Rong Qiao Sedbergh SchoolFuzhou2018
Rugao International Academy BFSUNantong2018
San New SchoolWuhan2015
Sanya Foreign Language SchoolSanya2014
School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, SanyaSanya2019
Shanghai Concord Bilingual SchoolShanghai2017
Shanghai DTD High SchoolShanghai2018
Shanghai Experimental Foreign Language SchoolShanghai2008
Shanghai Experimental School International DivisonShanghai1986
Shanghai Gold Apple Bilingual SchoolShanghai2000
Shanghai Guanghua Cambridge International SchoolShanghai2011
Shanghai Hongwen SchoolShanghai2018
Shanghai International Studies University Litai A-level CenterShanghai2013
Shanghai Jinshan World Foreign Language SchoolShanghai2017
Shanghai New Epoch Bilingual SchoolShanghai2015
Shanghai Qibao Dwight High SchoolShanghai2014
Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language SchoolShanghai2015
Shanghai Singapore International SchoolShanghai1996
Shanghai Thomas SchoolShanghai2018
Shanghai United International School - Pudong CampusShanghai2008
Shanghai United International School, Jiaoke CampusShanghai1998
Shanghai United International School, Pudong CampusShanghai2008
Shanghai United International School, Qingpu CampusShanghai2018
Shanghai United International School, Wenzhou CampusWenzhou2016
Shanghai United International School, Wuxi CampusWuxi2013
Shanghai United International School, Xiamen CampusXiamen2017
Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle SchoolShanghai1996
Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary SchoolShanghai1993
Shaoguan Country Garden Foreign Language SchoolShaoguan2017
Shenghua Country Garden Bilingual SchoolBaoding2017
Shenzhen College of International EducationShenzhen2003
Shenzhen Merchiston International SchoolShenzhen2016
Shenzhen Middle SchoolShenzhen1947
Shenzhen Senior High School International DepartmentShenzhen1997
Shenzhen Zhanhua Experimental School International DepartmentShenzhen2003
Sichuan Normal University Experimental Foreign Languages School International DivisionChengdu2013
Springboard International Bilingual School of BeijingBeijing2000
St. Lorraine Anglo-Chinese SchoolDongguan1999
Suzhou – EtonHouse International SchoolSuzhou2003
Suzhou Foreign Language SchoolSuzhou1994
Suzhou New Caoqiao Middle SchoolSuzhou2003
Suzhou Science & Technology Town Foreign Language SchoolSuzhou2015
Taicang Walton Foreign Language SchoolSuzhou2006
Taishan Country Garden SchoolJiangmen2015
Taizhou high school JiangsuTaizhou1902
Taizhou No.1 Foreign Language SchoolTaizhou2014
Teensen Genesis SchoolNanchang2020
The Affiliated International School of Shenzhen UniversityShenzhen2008
The British International School Shanghai, PuxiShanghai2004
The British School of Beijing (Shunyi)Beijing2003
The British School of Beijing Sanlitun campusBeijing2003
The British School of Beijing, ShunyiBeijing2003
The British School of GuangzhouGuangzhou2005
The British School of NanjingNanjing2007
The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of ChinaBeijing1950
The High School Attached to Northwest Normal UniversityLanzhou1901
The No.Three Senior High School of Shenzhen International DepartmentShenzhen1996
The Second Foreign Language School Affiliated to Shanghai Normal UniversityShanghai2000
Tianjin Cambridge International Examination CentreTianjin2010
Tianjin Yinghua International SchoolTianjin2000
Ulink College of Suzhou Industrial ParkSuzhou2010
Vanke Bilingual SchoolShanghai2016
Vanke Meisha AcademyShenzhen2015
Vanke School PudongShanghai2017
Weihai IVY Foreign Language SchoolWeihai2012
Weiyu High School International DivisionShanghai2002
Wellington College International HangzhouHangzhou2018
Wellington College International ShanghaiShanghai2014
Wellington College International TianjinTianjin2011
Wenzhou Foreign Language SchoolWenzhou1995
Wisdom Mount Academy QingdaoQingdao2016
Wuhan Britain-China School (WHBC)Wuhan2000
Wuhan Country Garden SchoolWuhan2011
Wuhan Foreign Languages SchoolWuhan1964
Wuhan Ulink College of China Optics ValleyWuhan2014
Wuxi Foreign Language SchoolWuxi1998
Wuxi Guanghua Private SchoolWuxi1995
Wuxi Jinqiao Bilingual Experimental SchoolWuxi2000
Wuxi No.1 High SchoolWuxi1911
Wuxi United International SchoolWuxi2013
Wuyi Country Garden Bilingual SchoolJiangmen2009
Wycombe Abbey School ChangzhouChangzhou2012
Wycombe Abbey Schools HangzhouHangzhou2020
Wycombe Abbey Schools NanjingNanjing2021
Xi'an Bo-Ai International SchoolXi'an1997
Xi'an Gaoxin No.1 High SchoolXi'an1995
Xi'an Hanova International SchoolXi'an2012
Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Affiliated SchoolSuzhou2015
Xi'An Tie Yi International DepartmentXi'an2009
Xinchuan Foreign Language SchoolChengdu2019
Xinjiang Zhongzhi International SchoolÜrümqi2000
Xiwai International School affiliated to Shanghai International Studies UniversityShanghai2004
Yancheng Dafeng Foreign Language SchoolYancheng2018
Yancheng Foreign Language SchoolYancheng2015
Yang Guang Qing International School of BeijingBeijing1999
Yew Chung International School of BeijingBeijing1995
Yew Chung International School of ChongqingChongqing2001
Yew Chung International School of QingdaoQingdao2006
Yew Chung International School of ShanghaiShanghai1993
Yew Wah International Edcuation School ShanghaiShanghai1998
Yew Wah International Edcuation School, BeijingBeijing2016
Yew Wah International Edcuation School, Guangzhou CampusGuangzhou1932
Yew Wah International Education School TongxiangJiaxing2017
Yew Wah International Education School YantaiYantai2000
Yew Wah International Education School, Shanghai Gubei CampusShanghai2001
Yichang International School, longpanhuYichang2012
Yinhai AcademyQingdao2003
Yiwu Qunxing Foreign Languages SchoolJinhua1995
Yuanhengjia Chongqing CollegeChongqing2018
Zengcheng Country Garden SchoolGuangzhou2013
Zhengzhou Education Foreign Exchanging AssociationZhengzhou2004
Zhengzhou Foreign Language SchoolZhengzhou1983
Zhengzhou No.1&8 United International SchoolZhengzhou2008
Zhengzhou NO.47 Middle&high SchoolZhengzhou1996
Zhongshan Sanxin  Bilingual SchoolZhongshan2001
Zhuji Ronghuai School International DivisionShaoxing2001