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Achieve Xiamen International School

Assistant Principal / AP Coordinator (AP/APC)

¥26K-43K/Month Xiamen, Fujian, China 1 position available Starting date in 2022-08-20

About The School

Achieve Xiamen International School (AXIS) is a premiere international school in China Learn more about this school

Job Description

Achieve Xiamen International School(AXIS) is a K-12 international school providing a seamless journey in education from Early Childhood through Grade 12. It is also located in the beautiful coastal city Xiamen in Southeast China.
AXIS is owned and operated by ISS in a joint venture. As an American-style international school, the AXIS curriculum is aligned to US Common Core standards and will adopt AP, the international Baccalaureate(IB) PYP and DP programs.

Scope of Responsibility:

The AP/APC works closely with the HOS and serves as the onsite curriculum, instructional, and pastoral leader for the students from Grades 6-12. The AP/APC will play an active role in the refinement of the secondary school curriculum. The AP/APC will take formal responsibility for coordination of the Advanced Placement program as defined by the College Board. The AP/APC, in conjunction with the academic leadership team, is responsible for all aspects of the program including instructional leadership, pastoral, administration, supervision, admissions, budgeting and facility management. The AP/APC shall also promote parent involvement and represent the Secondary School in the community.

The AP/APC, in conjunction with the HOS, will supervise all staff assigned to grades 6-12.

Major Duties And Responsibilities

· Oversee the development, documentation and delivery of the curriculum from grades 6-12.

· Work with the Primary AP/PYPC, and the Senior Leadership Team to ensure curricular alignment from Nursery to Grade 12.

· Assist in the coordination, supervision and evaluation of all activities and programs.

· Monitor and manage student behavior.

· Coordinate weekly Secondary faculty Focus on Learning meetings.

· Assist in interviewing, tracking and admitting incoming students.

· Evaluate the performance of staff, guide improvement, and take other steps as necessary.

· Collaborate and contribute to school-wide leadership and planning as part of the Senior Leadership Team.


· Work with the Primary AP/PYPC to:

· assume responsibility for maintenance and proper utilization of facilities

· organize and supervise the reporting process

· calendar school events

· develop and supervise teaching & supervision duty schedules

· Promote and maintain strong parental and community involvement.

· Assist the HOS staff recruitment.

· Work in conjunction with the AP/PYPC and HOS to plan and implement the orientation program for new teachers.

· Oversee and administer all aspects of AP examinations

· Organize and supervise all testing periods for students in grades 6-12.

· Organize grade 12 graduation and grade 8 promotion ceremony.

· Provide training and support for teachers in the analysis of data to support differentiated instruction.

· Contribute to school publications including the handbooks, weekly, website etc.

· Assist HOS in leading all authorizations, accreditations and evaluations

· Perform other duties as assigned by the HOS.

AP Specific Duties And Responsibilities

· Acts as liaison between staff and senior administration for the purpose of providing communication to staff, reporting work of the team to administration, and assuring the team's work is aligned to the school’s strategic plan.

· Collaborates with the staff and school administration to collect data, compile and submit reports and to communicate instructional or procedural concerns for the purpose of responding to audits, and complying with regulatory requirements and established guidelines.

· Communicates with appropriate personnel to for the purpose of ensuring AP scores are entered into Toddle and onto student transcripts (as appropriate).

· Communicates with teachers and administrators regarding AP schedule, testing sites, etc. for the purpose of sharing pertinent information.

· Coordinates with senior administration to provide opportunities for AP faculty to participate in Advanced Placement Summer Institutes for the purpose of receiving content-specific training related to the AP exam in their subject field.

· Coordinates with instructors for the purpose of ensuring AP course audits are complete and courses are certified through The College Board.

· Establishes protocols for AP exam fees, waivers and registration deadlines for the purpose of ensuring the success of the program.

· Maintains a list of AP instructors and training schedules over time for the purpose of tracking information.

· Organizes and supervises student exam registration (e.g. selection of appropriate exams, collection of fees, communication with student and parents regarding registration process and deadlines, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring proper and timely registration.

· Oversees the logistics of AP examinations (e.g. orders exams; secures, trains, and proctors; prepares testing rooms; receives and returns exam shipments, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining fidelity to AP examination procedure.

· Participates in meetings, workshops, and seminars as assigned for the purpose of gathering and/or conveying information required to perform the functions.

· Plans and organizes division departmental staff meetings for the purpose of communicating progress and work among staff within the department.

· Prepares a variety of written materials (e.g. student activities, correspondence, reports, internal audits, etc.) for the purpose of complying with regulatory requirements.

· Prepares AP exam data analysis reports (e.g. AP scores, PSAT AP Potential report, comparison of AP enrollment demographics to building demographics, calculation of AP exam participation over time, comparison of AP enrollment versus AP exam participation over time, etc.) for the purpose of measuring the success and growth of the program as well as opportunities.

· Promotes AP courses via various methods (e.g. students and parents information sessions, marketing collateral, AP website, social media presence, etc.) for the purpose of driving student participation.

· Provides orientation for new staff for the purpose of understanding schedules and other school processes and procedures.

· Provides recommendations of expenditures for activities, equipment and supplies for the purpose of enhancing the school programs.

· Reviews with SST any specifics regarding non-standard accommodations, and prints NAR forms for the purpose of providing accommodations to students.

· Serves as a resource to AP instructors, administrators and other staff for the purpose of providing support and guidance based on subject area knowledge and experience.

· Shares AP Scholar and Five-Year Score reports with guidance counselors and principals to for the purpose of creating the school profile.

· Verifies completion and submission of Annual AP Survey & Participation form with College Board for the purpose of continuing participation in AP testing program.



Required Qualifications, Skills, Experience and Attributes:

· A Master’s Degree preferred with specialization in curriculum, leadership, or related fields.

· At least five years of appropriate AP teaching experience.

· Previous experience as an administrator or AP Coordinator at this level.

· Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with school stakeholders.

· Experience with leading systemic change and implementation.

· Experience in implementing the research-based principles in education, curriculum, staff development, instruction, and supervision.

· Personal qualities associated with good human relations and interpersonal relations.

· Shared decision-making skills in order to be an effective member of the Senior Leadership Team.

· Ability to lead staff toward instructional improvement and conduct staff development sessions.

· Ability to prioritize, meet deadlines, work effectively under pressure, and pay attention to detail.

· Demonstrate a high-level of commitment and professionalism.

· Fluency in both written and spoken English.

(This position description is designed to outline primary duties, qualifications, and job scope, but not limit the employee nor SIS to only the work identified.)


2-year contract.

Annual salary range: US $38k-60k

housing allowance - 5000-9000RMB/month, 

transportation allowance : US$1800/ contract year + dependent in additional 

Shipping allowance: US$1500 incoming, US$1500 outgoing

settling in Allowance: RMB3000 for each newly hired staff

medical insurance, and life insurance

Post date: 2022-06-23
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