Teach English in Xining: The Complete Guide

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Xining at a Glance

Xining could be pronounced [ shee-ning ] [ˈʃi:ˈniŋ] in English. Xining features a long history and culture, with unique natural resources, and colorful folk customs. It is a shining pearl on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which means "happiness".

It has successively won the honorary titles of National Health City, Top 200 Charming Cities with Chinese Characteristics, China's Excellent Tourist City, China's Advanced City of Gardens and Greening, National Forest City, National Civilized City and other honorary titles.

Where Is Xining

Xining is located in the northeastern part of Qinghai Province and the northeastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is located at the intersection of Huangshui River and three tributaries, with geographical coordinates of 101°77′ east longitude and 36°62′ north latitude.

Xining location map

Population of Xining

According to Xining statistical bulletin of 2019 on national economy and social development, at the end of 2019, the city's permanent population was 2.3871 million, an increase of 0.67%. The city has 29,300 births and 13,300 deaths. The birth rate is 12.27‰, the death rate is 5.60‰, and the natural growth rate is 6.67‰. Xining is a typical immigrant city, where many ethnic groups and religions coexist. It is the only central city on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with a population of over one million, with an immigrant population of 1 million.

In 2019, the ethnic minority population of the city was 615,700, accounting for 25.79% of the permanent population. Among them, the Hui population was 385,700, accounting for 16.2%; the Tibetan population was 130,700, accounting for 5.5%; and the Tu ethnic group was 61,100, accounting for 2.6%.

Weather in Xining

According to Xining's annual average sunshine is 1939.7 hours, the annual average temperature is 7.6℃, with highest temperature at 34.6℃, and the lowest temperature is minus 18.9℃. It belongs to the plateau alpine climate. The average temperature in summer is 17-19°C, and the climate is pleasant all summer. It is a summer resort and is known as the 'China Summer Capital'.

Xining scenery
(photo by China Visual)

How to Get to Xining

Railway lines: Lanqing Railway, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Lanxin High-Speed Railway

Railway Station: Xining Station, Xining West Station

Xining Caojiabao International Airport is that the only secondary airport in Qinghai Province and a crucial air transport hub on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It has direct flights to dozens of big and medium-sized cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Xi'an.

Xining Airport
(photo by lvyou baidu)

Teach in English in Xining, Qinghai

According to Xining statistical bulletin of 2019 on national economy and social development, at the end of 2019, the city had 10 regular colleges and universities with 82,000 students; 142 regular middle schools with 124,000 students; 18 secondary vocational schools with 32,000 students; 139 primary schools with 159,000 students ; 4 special education schools with 1,120 students; 558 kindergartens with 73,000 children.

Xining English Teaching Jobs

According to the research, no kindergarten and international school in Xining recruits foreign teachers.

However, Xining has few training centers that recuits foreign teachers. One of them called ABIE, which is a popular training center in Xining.

ABIE English has more than 500 campuses across the country, focusing on providing children's English training, children's English enlightenment, and children's oral English learning for children aged 3-12. Through independent and joint researches, the curriculum is divided into 10 levels for children of 3-6 years old, 6-7 years old, and 7-12 years old, and a rich short-term curriculum has been created.

Foreign teachers are taught in small classes, an immersive learning environment, a full environment learning mode, and a combination of online and offline methods to help children learn and master English. ABIE' s multi-dimensional curriculum system tailored for Chinese children—fully implement of small classes and all-outside teaching, Cultivate children's language ability and cognitive system.

How Much Do You Get Paid to teach in Xining

Xining has few international schools and kindergartens, therefore we will only have the salary data of the ABIE as the reference.

An ESL teacher will be paid ¥12,000 ($1,712) -¥18,000 ($2,569) a month, according to foreign teachers' qualifications and experience. ABIE also provides off-campus apartments, which is an independent accommodation with convenient transportation, good environment, water and electricity fees, and property fees. Moreover, full-year air tickets will be reimbursed.

Xining ESL Job Requirements

Since Xining has few international schools and kindergartens, we focus on the requirements of the ABIE's jobs for your reference.

First, non-English native speaker is acceptable for ABIE. It looks for teachers who have Bachelor's degree or above.

Moreover, it prefers to hire teachers with teacher certifications and entry-level teachers with 1-2 years of teaching experience.

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Living in Xining, China

The habitable city in Qinghai Province is the provincial capital Xining. Apart from air quality, a city is suitable for live when education, medical care, and transportations are stisfied. Obviously in this regard, only Xining in Qinghai can meet these conditions.

In addition, Xining is located to the east of Qinghai Lake. It is the transportation hub city that enters Qinghai in the east. Land transportation and aviation are the most developed. The average altitude of Xining is more than two thousand meters, and the water resources are more than enough, far more developed than the western water resources.

The city has almost all the colleges and universities in the province, Qinghai University, Qinghai Normal University, Qinghai University for Nationalities and other well-known universities, and a large number of vocational colleges.

Xining is also the religious and cultural center of Qinghai. Islam and Tibetan Buddhism coexist in Xining. Xining is not only the place to the renowned Taer Monastery in Tibetan Buddhism but also the famous Dongguan Mosque in Islam. In Xining, these two religious cultures are intertwined, which results in the people of Xining very kind.

Xining City
(photo by lvyou baidu)

Things to Do in Xining

Xining is a tourist city, suitable for people to travel around during holidays. Accroding to Tripadvisor, there are some top attractions in Xining, such as Lake Kokonor, Museum of China Tibetan Medicine Culture, Xining Nanshan Mountain, Xining Dongguan Mosque, Xining People's Park, Nanchan Temple, Tulou Temple of Beishan Mountain, Qinghai Province Museum, The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Wild Zoo, Mo street Market, etc.

Xining Tourism
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Cost of Living in Xining

According to Expatistan (data and tools for international living), the whole living cost in Xining is 39% cheaper than in Beijing. Living in Xining allows more savings than Tier 1 Cities in China. Monthly rent for a 45 m² (480 sqft) furnished studio in an expensive area is ¥2,288 ($327).

(photo by Veer)

Where to Live in Xining

International Village (No. 55, South Street, Chengdong District)

Map of Xining

(photo by mapbox)

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