On Coronavirus: An Interview with Foreign Teachers

On Coronavirus: An Interview with Foreign Teachers

TopTutorJob’s Recruitment Team has interviewed 40 foreign teachers, all drawn from our candidate database. We hope this information will help you to understand the coronavirus issue objectively from multiple perspectives. Please see the key interview questions and comments below. 

1. How Do You Perceive This Virus in China?

Shannon (USA) Worked in China

“The virus is an unfortunate incident and I hope that people that have been infected can recover and regain their health. Personally, I’m not fearful, but rather find the virus a hassle in terms of my day to day life now.”

Wally (Australia) Currently working in Chengdu

“It’s a virus, that’s it. I don’t think it is different from other viruses. It’s just new.”

Trent (Canada) Businessman/ESL teacher currently living abroad, first-time teaching in China

“Personally I feel that there will be little pockets of this virus showing up all over the world. But I think that within a few weeks the spread of the virus will be stopped and once the spread has been stopped, then it will only take a couple of weeks to isolate and burn out the virus.”

2. Will You Agree That the Chinese Government Is Handling the Situation Appropriately?

Devon (USA) Math teacher in Shenzhen

“I think China is doing a good job keeping it under control. There are very few people traveling inside of Shenzhen using public transportation, and a greatly reduced amount of foot traffic. Many people remain at home.”

Eli (UK) Economics teacher, first-time teaching in China

“In the newspaper in the UK it mainly says that Wuhan was slow to react to what happened but now the response is better. China is much more developed and prepared now compared to when SARS hit.”

Kevin (USA) ESL teacher in northern China for 3 years

“China is having a rough start to 2020. But I’m confident they will solve the issue. It’s the most efficient country.”

Cata (UK) Art teacher

“Evaluation, the response have been very good with immediate building of facilities and measures to limit the spread.”

Boitumelo (South Africa) ESL teacher in Shanghai

“We appreciate the manner in which the government has been very quick and very immediate in making their attempts to eradicate the illness. We appreciate their ways of keeping the people safe.”

3. Will the Outbreak of COVID-19 Impact Your Decision to Live and Teach in China?

Justin (USA) Music teacher in China

“In one sense, yes. Actually, I’ve been working toward leaving China at some future point for some time, but didn’t really envision that happening in any particular hurry. However, the outbreak of this virus certainly is encouragement to consider leaving sooner rather than later. Even if that doesn’t happen for a while, the memory of this situation will linger.”

Hawa (South Africa) ESL teacher who has stayed in Xi’an, China for several years 

“I can’t confirm the government’s evaluation for the whole country, however, I believe there are hospitals with English services at the moment in Xi’an, which is great.”

4. Are There Any Ideas You Would Like to Share with Other Foreign Teachers in China?

Conor (Philippines) Subject teacher in China

“As I’m fully concerned about the present situation here in China, I do encourage people regardless of races to pray sincerely in ending this outbreak with the help of doctors/nurses. We must encourage people to refrain in making fun or any jokes about it. No any countries would like to suffer from any epidemic whatsoever. We must follow the government advices as well as to be more careful and keep being hygienic, too.”

Wally (Australia) Currently working in Chengdu

“The WHO has praised China for how they are handling it, that’s good. Be open-minded and have patience with system. I find the government, regarding visa, residency permits, etc., is very tedious.”

Brian (Ireland) High school teacher in Beijing

“Offer advice and support to one another on groups. Regularly check up on each other. Don’t go to crowd. Not too nervous.”

5. As a Foreign Teacher in China, What Do You Think Is Your Responsibility in an Emergency Like This?

Pep (Spain) Subject teacher who has been to China

“In my part as a teacher I’m very worried about the bullying. A lot of Chinese kids are being bullied right now, I want my students to be safe and have a good environment to focus on study.”

Kagiso (South Africa) Worked in China

“To do the best I can to spread awareness in the classroom through teaching and activities. To make sure I am in good health as well.”

Greg (USA) Economics teacher in China

“As a foreign teacher, I feel that my responsibility in an emergency such as this one is to be as respectful as possible of the rules the government has put in place to ensure my safety and the safety of others. I also feel that it is extremely important to adapt as quickly as possible to be able to ensure that my students are continuing to learn.”

6. If You Were Thinking of Coming to China for the First Time, Will the Current Situation Change Your Plans?

Rachel (South Africa) Planning to teach in China

“I was wondering about that. I’ve been getting a lot of warnings with regards to my move to China, but I trust that your guided precautions will be of help.”

Carl (UK) ESL teacher, first-time teaching in China

“I’m still interested in working in China, but not until after the summer because I’m not sure about the virus. ”

Rodger (South Africa) ESL Teacher in China for 3 years

For the 1st time I will still come. China build a hospital in 10days and 6 days no other country can do this. China government does so much to help businesses and International markets also do so much for the people to stay safe.”

China is in the midst of a challenging moment. We are grateful to all our candidates for trusting us and remaining with us. Please know that we at TopTutorJob pledge our ongoing support and help to all of you. 

Together, we will face the difficulties ahead. 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us[email protected]