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IB DP Coordinator

¥250k-350k/Year Suzhou, Jiangsu, China 1 position available Starting date in 2020-08-15

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About Client

CWA is an IB school for Chinese students, founded by the founding team of UWC Changshu China. It obtains supports from UWC Changshu China and Tsinghua University High School, in terms of curriculum, teaching, and research, faculty, extracurricular activities, and university counseling.

The IB DP Coordinator will report directly to the Dean, Academics. The IB Coordinator will have the responsibility of ensuring the effective administration of the IB Diploma Programme.
As a member of the secondary school leadership team, she/he will work closely with the CAS Coordinator and the Heads of Departments, to support students and teachers to maximise students’ attainment.
She/he will work closely with the Dean, Academics to provide Quality Assurance of teaching and learning in the IB years.
As a pedagogical Leader she/he will ensure and promote the IB ethos in the School.
In line with the school vision, mission and core values:
· To seek to implement both the CWA and IB Philosophy as embedded in the IBO Mission Statement and in the development of the IB Learner Profile.
· Is given the release time, support and resources to carry out the curriculum leadership involved.  Working alongside the school leadership team, change management can impact every role, but to raise the profile of the DP to the highest level, this role demands that the school is prepared to continually adapt for success.
· To act as the curriculum leader of the IB Diploma, representing the school to the IBO organization.
1.Pedagogical leadership
· To work as a part of the school pedagogical leadership team to develop pedagogical and curriculum leadership;
· To work collaboratively with Diploma Programme Teachers to build learning communities, to assist Teachers to achieve learning success in each of their subject areas;
· To assist in achievement of academic honesty across all IBDP candidates and with IB Staff;
· To assist staff to achieve continuous programme implementation and development, eg: developing international education;
· To promote the use of the Diploma Programme Resource Centre;
· To support DP teachers with the planning, development, and delivery of high quality units of inquiry and assessments;
· To facilitate DP horizontal and DP/FP vertical articulation and alignment.
2. Administrative functions
· Has good knowledge on the application of the regulations and procedures for the Diploma Programme as described in General Regulations: Diploma Programme;
· To ensure that all faculty adhere to IBDP program guidelines and deadlines;
· To ensure that all faculty receive training based on the programme requirements;
· To oversee all external and internal IBDP Assessment; this includes but is not limited to following:
i.  To submit advance notice registration requirements, according to IB deadlines;
ii.  To submit requests for inclusive assessment arrangements for candidates with assessment access requirements, at least one year in advance of the written examinations;
iii.  To register candidates for an examination session, according to IB deadlines;
iv.  To ensure staff submit/upload candidates’ assessment material for moderation/marking with any accompanying forms, according to internal deadlines;
v.  To provide candidates with personal examination schedules, and contact the IB by the appropriate deadline where any scheduling conflict may exist;
vi. To ensure that a secure location is available for the storage of examination papers and other confidential assessment material;
vii. To conduct the written examinations in May/November in compliance with instructions in the current edition of The conduct of IB Diploma Programme examinations;
viii. To ensure candidates and invigilators are provided with relevant information and training about examination regulations;
ix. To ensure that teachers provide feedback on the examination papers;
x. To ensure that each candidate is provided with their personal identification number (PIN) and personal code so they can download their results on 6 July;
xi. Be available (or ensure another staff/faculty member is available) after the issue of results to answer questions, request any enquiries upon results or submit registrations for retake candidates, as applicable;
· To develop and administering the process for student admission into the DP, in conjunction with the Admissions Department, as set out in the CWA Admissions Policy;
· To ensure that the school policies are aligned with the IB expectations. For example, and importantly, that the school academic honesty policy is aligned with the IB expectations, and that teachers implement it and that both teachers and candidates are aware of the requirements and penalties imposed on candidates for breaches of IB regulations;
· To assist in scheduling of the Diploma Programme courses and the IBDP related activities in calendar, in conjunction with the IBDP Staff;
· To create an internal calendar of all due dates for the receipt/submission of candidates’ assessment material and other material/information required by the IB;
· To support the core and assist as required to conform to IB Programme standards and practices;
· To assist in the administration of the Diploma Programme budget and teacher professional development;
· To coordinate DP meetings;
· To assist the counselling department and Careers Coordinator to advise student progression to further education;
· To coordinate the authorization application and subsequent implementation of the DP program, by supporting the administration and teachers involved in the DP authorization and implementation to ensure all the DP requirements are met;
· To Organize and complete the authorization process, in conjunction with IBDP Staff.
3. Communication functions
· To communicate IBDP information to all members of the school community;
· To act as primary contact between school and IBO;
· To guide the School Community on course selection for enrolled/prospective Candidates;
· To communicate with the FP Coordinator to harmonize a coherent transition from FP, articulated both horizontally and vertically into Diploma;
· To ensure that school publications are in line with the DP where necessary; provide input in the schedule to best meet IB DP students’ needs;
· To ensure that the faculty has access to up-to-date DP documents and information;
· To ensure communication and information about the DP is shared with the school community.
4. Others
· To publish an internal calendar of all due dates for the receipt/submission of candidates’ assessment material and other material/information required by the IB;
· To ensure grading and reporting practices align to the assessment philosophy of the DP.


· Degree in teaching or Degree in specialist subject with additional qualification in education;

· Minimum of 3-5 years’ related experience;

· Oral and written fluency in English, native speaker required for Secondary Grades;

· Excellent communication & interpersonal skills;

· Passion for teaching;

· Creative and energetic, Strong moral values, integrity;

· Excellent planning & organizational skills;

· Ability to work under pressure;

· Willingness to complete school initiated professional development which may fall outside of working hours.


  • Annual salary: ¥250k-350k/Year(depending on the qualification and experiences)
  • Free accommodation
  • Flight allowance
  • Health insurance
  • Meal allowance
  • Summer vacation/Winter vacation/Christmas holiday
  • Working visa supported

Post date: 2020-06-04

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