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PE Teacher for the whole School(Substitute/full-time )

¥300K-500K/year Xiamen, Fujian, China 1 position available Starting date in 2022-03-01

About The School

Achieve Xiamen International School (AXIS) is a premiere international school in China Learn more about this school

Job Description

About AXIS 

AXIS holds a K-12 international school license. We use common core American standards to support the PYP IB program, the secondary inquiry-based program and the IB DP and College Board Advanced Placement program.  

Scope of Responsibility: Every teacher at AXIS is responsible for providing a safe and developmentally appropriate environment in accordance with AXIS program philosophy, school policies and procedures. EAL is a language support program for non-native English speakers. EAL teachers support students through a mainstream-content based program. Each EAL teacher is assigned a specific level or division and works in tandem with the classroom teacher.  

Staff members work together with students to assess, plan and teach students. The EAL specialist collaborates with classroom teachers and the curriculum coordinator to differentiate programs and to ensure accommodations and modifications that may be required are implemented. EAL instruction is supported through a variety of models.  

We ensure that students who are still acquiring English as an academic language have the necessary scaffolds to support content-area learning through our comprehensive English Language Learner model. Through peer interaction in the classroom and shared experiences with other English language learners, students have an optimal environment for additional language acquisition.  

If required based on student need, the EAL teachers offer English for Academics program (EAP). It is designed for students  as additional language support specific to their academic course work. Students are taught skills and study techniques that enable participation in the AXIS curriculum 

AXIS Vision  
The vision of our school is that an AXIS student will be a bold and compassionate leader who engages in continuous learning. The teacher is responsible for ensuring that lessons are aligned, engaging, rigorous and relevant to each student. Feedback throughout the learning process is critical so that students can demonstrate mastery of their assessments. 
Engaging with the parent community is essential in ensuring that each student can be supported at school and home. 
Teachers are expected to work a total of 190 days (new teachers, 195), a minimum of 180 as student-contact teaching days. Responsibilities include attendance at school during set hours to teach, supervise and interact with parents, colleagues and students as well as curriculum-related workdays, parent meetings, and conferences. 

PE Teacher

Job Description 

Job title: PE Teacher

Term of Employment: 2 years

Band: Teaching Faculty

Reporting Accountability: Head of School

Scope of Responsibility:

We are looking for a teacher who can inspire children to achieve well in the subject and also to enjoy being physically active.

Teaching responsibilities:

  • Be a role model for students in physical health and sports, inspiring them to be actively interested in the subject of PE.
  • Make an impact on the experience young people receive through PE and sport.
  • Ensure lessons are planned in accordance with departmental scheme of work.
  • Assess, record, report on progress / attainment of students.
  • Prioritise and manage time effectively, ensuring continued professional development in-line with the role.
  • Contribute to a full and extensive extracurricular programme.
  • Manage, coach and officiate sport teams.
  • Teach according to students’ educational needs.
  • Have a clear vision / focus.
  • Be passionate about the subject and communicate well with young people.
  • Maintain discipline in accordance with school procedures.
  • Ensure a high quality learning environment.
  • Act within the school framework, which sets out the teacher’s professional duties and responsibilities which uses for guidance purposes only.

Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare of Students:

  • Be responsible for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of students that you are responsible for.
  • Be aware of and comply with policies and procedures relating to child protection,health, safety and security

Sharing information/Multi-agency working:

  • Maintain positive links with local clubs, schools and organisations and provide professional and up-to-date physical health advice for students as per needed.
  • Contribute to the school’s promotion and organisation of the ‘Annual/Semesterly School Games/Events’.
  • Help support our ASA programme and school duties.
  • To work with the HoS, Curriculum Coordinator and other colleagues to build positive working environment, and participate in professional development.
  • To represent the school and communicate its values to a range of audiences.
  • Work alongside colleagues in planning, adjusting and delivering learning activities.
  • Attend and Support Parents Tea, Open Days, staff meetings and other events as appropriate.

Qualifications Required:

  • Master’s degree and above from an accredited college or university in education or related field.
  • Expertise and thorough understanding in the field of PE practises.
  • Proven experience teaching in a classroom environment.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with all staff and colleagues.
  • Organized, flexible disposition, and high adaptation skills to work successfully in an unpredictable school and culture setting of AXIS.
  • Organization and communication skills.
  • IB MYP experience preferred.
  • Knowledge of Common Core Standards preferred.


  • Open to all nationalities.

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution

  • Minimum 2 years relevant experience working

  • Strong command of spoken and written English

  • Able to work in a diverse team of both foreign and local cast members


For Substitute Teacher: Open to all nationalities
6 lessons per day  ¥750/day

For full-time international teachers:

2-year contract.

Annual salary range: US $38k-60k

housing allowance - 5000-9000RMB/month, 

transportation allowance : US$1800/ contract year + dependent in additional 

Shipping allowance: US$1500 incoming, US$1500 outgoing

settling in Allowance: RMB3000 for each newly hired staff

medical insurance, and life insurance

Post date: 2021-11-09
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