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Tsinghua International School Daoxiang Lake

Head of Primary

Negotiable Beijing, China 1 position available Starting date in 2023-12-01

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Job Description


Reporting to: Foreign Principal直接汇报人:外方校长
Job description岗位职责
1. Responsible for the education and teaching management of the department, and is the first person responsible for the education and teaching quality of the department负责本学部的教育, 教学管理工作,是本学部教育.教学质量的第一责任人。
2. Jointly promote the implementation of the primary school curriculum with teachers of various subjects与各学科老师联合推进小学部课程的落地。
3. Responsible for the management of daily teaching in primary school, and carry out the management and evaluation of primary school teachers负责小学日常教学的管理,进行小学部教师的管理及考评工作。
4. Implement the teaching plan of the primary school. The scientific research work plan of the school落实小学部教学工作计划, 学部科研工作计划。
5. Summarize the education, teaching and scientific research of the primary school对小学部教育,教学和科研工作进行总结。
6. Regularly hold classroom teachers' meetings, organize education and teaching research, dynamic tracking,timely research. Effectively solve a series of problems in the process of teaching quality management of each grade and improve the quality of education定期召开任课教师会,组织教育教学研究,动态追踪, 及时研究, 切实解决各年级教学质量管理过程中的系列问题,提高教育质量。
7. Write the monthly report of the department, know and deal with the feedback and suggestions of each class in the monthly report撰写学部月报,并及时了解和处理各班级在月报中反馈的意见和建议。
8. Organize teachers to learn advanced education and teaching theories, introduce and promote advanced teaching and research teaching reform experience local and abroad, and continuously improve teachers' education and teaching level; control the quality of education and teaching and guide teachers' professional growth组织教师学习先进的教育教学理论, 介绍, 推广国内外先进的教研教改经验,不断提高教师的教育教学水平。
9. Control the quality of education and teaching, and guide teachers' professional growth对教育教学质量进行把控,指导教师专业成长。
10. Assist the teaching administration and teaching management departments to organize regular parent-teacher meetings of the Department of Education. Pre-research meeting and temporary parent-teacher meetings, etc.协助教学行政和教学管理部门组织好学部的定期家长会,研学行前会和临时召开的家长会等。
11. Assist the teaching department to organize the midterm and final examinations. Work with the teaching department and the subject team leader to jointly carry out the examination propositions and examination arrangements for each grade, and cooperate with the teaching department to urge the teachers of the department to complete the examination work as required协助教学部门组织期中, 期末考试工作。与教学部门.学科组长共同进行各年级的考试命题和考务安排,配合教学部门督促本学部教师按要求完成考务工作。
12. Do well in class management. Organize regular class teacher meetings to learn advanced educational theories and experience, and strengthen the guidance of student management抓好班级管理工作。定期召开班主任会议,学习先进教育理论和经验,加强对学生管理工作的指导。
13. Responsible for students' moral education and mental health education负责学生道德教育和心理健康教育。
14. Implement student research activities to ensure student safety落实学生研学活动,确保学生安全。
15. Do well in the safety education and safety prevention work of the department, and implement safety precautions and safety accident reporting systems and accountability systems抓好部门的安全教育和安全防范工作,落实安全防范措施及安全事故汇报制度和责任追究制度。
16. Assist the marketing enrollment department to conduct enrollment activities in the middle/primary school department, participate in lectures, promotion meetings, interviews, etc.辅助市场招生部门进行中/小学部的招生活动,参与宣讲,推介会,面试等。
17. Fulfill other work assigned by the school完成学校交予的其他工作。


Housing Allowance

A studio (35 s.q. meters) or a one (73 s.q. meters) /two (104-111 s.q. meters) /three (139 s.q. meters) -bedroom apartment can be applied for based on a staff member’s marital status and number of dependents; if wishing to live off campus, a housing allowance is paid separately.

Relocation Allowance

An allowance is provided according to the new staff member’s home base or last posting location.


PD Fund

Teaching staff - 10,000RMB/Year or roll over up to 20,000RMB over 2 years.
Academic support staff - 5,000RMB/Year or roll over up to 10,000RMB over 2 years.


Paid Vacations
Teaching staff – School winter/summer holidays specified on the school calendar
Academic support staff– national holidays and 25 days’ annual leave

Working Meals
All three working meals during the term


Physical Examination 
Once per year

Post date: 2023-11-13
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